The Mountain Pathway

The Mission

Sharing knowledge, insights, and wisdom to enable as many humans as possible to find more satisfaction and purpose in life.

Once we know how to help ourselves, then we can then help each other.

Evolving towards harmony across our global society, and with the planet Earth.

The Mountain Pathway Blog

This blog is aimed at anyone that wants to learn and grow. Humans in todays society are more overstimulated and less focussed than ever. Especially when we consider younger generations that have only ever known the digital age that is upon us now.

The Mountain Pathway is about finding simplicity in all of this complexity.

Finding the focus needed to put one foot in front of the other.

A Vision of Progress

The human psyche, consciousness, societal conventions, religion, quantum mechanics, cosmology, the biological processes within the ecosystem of our planet… it is all pretty complicated stuff and guess what? It is all related.

Humans have been on a quest to find a unified theory of everything since the moment that we came in to existence. At the time we did not know it but, it is our actions and curiosities of 50,000 years ago that underpin the societies and understandings that exist today.

Contemplating the universe and existence is a wonderous thing. Expanding your awareness in to all of that space is truly liberating. Learning to breathe in harmony with the universe brings hope, optimism and vitality.

Consider this: the eye cannot see the eye and the sword cannot cut the sword.

We are the centre of our own perception and as such, we are the centre of our own universe. In our perception, the only thing that is truly real is what we perceive right now in this moment. Which if you are reading this is your experience of reading this… and this…. and this…

When humans learn to become aware of the present moment, and to embody it fully, this allows us to connect honestly and authentically with ourselves, each other and everything around us.

My vision is one where humans discover how to transcend the shackles of our mind and tap in to the potential that truly exists within us.

It all sounds pretty grandiose!

But we already know how to do it.

All that is left is to bring the knowledge in to the collective consciousness of society and then learn how to support each other to apply it.

A bit about me

I am a human. My name is Ramsey Bond Al-Chalaby (a name that you grow in to!).

I am an average bloke, born in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK.

My journey through life so far has been an interesting one (for me at least) but nothing exceptional or remarkable. We all have our ups and downs for that is the nature of life.

I have acquired knowledge through both theoretical learning and practical first hand experience.

What I can say is that today, right now, I am honestly the most contented and tranquil version of myself that I have ever been. This is intentional.

I have come to realise that while I am on a journey, I have already arrived.

It is my hope that through sharing the knowledge and insights that I have acquired, I can help more people arrive in the present moment on their own journey through life.

The Mountain Pathway blog is about the insights and knowledge, not me. If you want to know more about me though, you can find it here.

The Mountain Pathway – A Guide to Getting Life Done

My original intention for writing was to outline a set of tools that people could use to effectively define goals, create a plan to achieve them, and most importantly to help them execute their plan.

As I started writing, it made me question why the the tools were the tools and what the required prerequisites were for each tool. i.e. what skills and knowledge a person required to be able to apply that tool effectively. And so ensued a process of deep critical thinking to identify the universal roots and skills that underpin applying oneself effectively…

What I ended up outlining is a framework of five themes (core skills), five principles (behavioural choices), and multiple toolkits that when applied together give the right structure for effective self application.

If I was to wrap it all up and put a bow on it, I would call it:

The Mountain Pathway – A Guide to Getting Life Done.

Through the journey of writing this blog I will bring all of this information in to the light.

I sincerely hope that my words will add value for you and you will want to join me on this journey of discovery.