About: Ramsey Bond Al-Chalaby

The past is an interesting thing when viewed from the present moment. Human perception of time is a linear concept, this means that once a moment has happened it instantly becomes the past. The person that experienced that moment also becomes the past; a past version of us.

Even if we were to write a journal throughout our lives, our journal would still only represent our perception of events that occurred. It may be a more “accurate” reflection of events, but still only represents one side of the story in respect of events where we interacted with other humans.

When we reflect and look back at the past, we do so through the eyes of the human being that exists within the present moment, a human with more experiences and knowledge. Much like watching a movie for the second time, we may spot things that we missed the first time round; also, once you know how the plot unfolds, you are able to better see everything coming together.

The mind is a complex beast and humans have a tendency to capture our own life story in a way that compliments the narrative that we want to tell ourselves and others. It is the picture that we want to paint to define ourselves.

We are the the creative director and the lead actor of our own story.

Steps Up The Path

With this in mind, rather than giving you a detailed biographical account of my life to date, I am just going to list out some key events and experiences that have helped me learn and grow along my journey so far:

  • 0 – 10 years
    • Awesome child hood memories of time with friends and freedom playing.
    • Feelings of isolation and being alone as a result of being bullied – living in the UK with an Iraqi born parent during the gulf wars was not fun.
    • Younger sister Nadia born. I was age 8. Quote from me in the hospital:
      • “Mum, you have ruined my life”
  • 11 – 18 years
    • Younger brother James died when he was just a few months old. I was age 13 at the time.
    • Discovered the gym and sport. Developed my confidence. So much so I became a bit of an arrogant prick!
    • Younger brother Alex born. I was age 15.
    • Did well at GCSE exams, under achieved in my A-levels.
  • 19 – 22 years
    • Read Environment, Ecology and Economics at university. Ended up with a 2:2 due to an extremely “well rounded” social life.
    • While at uni, tried jumping through a shop window, and jumping off a bridge (separate occasions). Both while intoxicated, and both for “fun”.
    • Finished university and did not know what to do. I felt I had two choices:
      • Try to make the world a better place and have little money.
      • Chase the money to spend on doing and having things.
  • 23 – 28 years
    • I chose option B
    • Worked for an insurance software company progressing up the ladder from answering the phones in support to being a project manager.
    • Found a girlfriend (my future wife) and moved in together.
    • Work, play, rinse, repeat.
  • 29 – 34 years
    • Took a career break for 6 months and travelled round the world.
    • Changed jobs.
    • Bought a house.
    • Got married.
  • Age 34
    • I had arrived! I had the car, the house, the wife…I had everything but happiness.
  • 34 – 37 years
    • Got divorced.
    • Took on new leadership roll at work.
    • Enjoyed bachelor life.
    • Started to see a councillor.
    • Found a new partner… became a step dad.
    • Crashed my car 80mph and should really have died, but did not have a mark on me! A pretty shitty, but pretty insightful experience!
    • Quit my job!
    • Rediscovered the Ramsey from age 22 – decided to try option A.
    • Started the Mountain Pathway
  • 38-41 years
    • Got Married
    • Started a new job – on my own terms
    • Became a father
    • Moved house (1 month after becoming a father!)
    • Struggled to adapt to my new life, had to let go and allow myself to grow
    • Quit drinking
    • Discovering new perspectives.

This is a real whistle stop summary of my life. Pretty boring and pretty average.

Through out all of this, I have been constantly trying to join the dots and understand the higher meaning and purpose for why I am here; really, for why we are all here.

The mountain pathway is my attempt to share the knowledge that I have learnt. It is my hope that it will help us all to ditch the rocks that we carry; lighten our load and ascend to new and greater heights.

If you want to know more, feel free to drop me a message.