How to find the answer you are looking for…

How to find the answer you are looking for…

If you wanted someone to do something for you, would you ask them nicely or would you shout at them?

The answer to this question is pretty obvious.

I ask you then; why would you treat yourself any differently?

Taking the example of someone hitting the gym for the first in a long time, or for the first time ever; they rock up full of enthusiasm and determination… then beast themselves in to oblivion.

The day after they are shot to shit and then ache for a week. The prospect of going back to the gym is very unappetising. I know this from my own experience!

Consider this fact: Humans are extremely adaptable. In both our minds and our bodies.

It is our adaptable nature that has allowed humans as a species, to overcome adversity throughout the ages and to create the societies that we have today.

You are a human.

If we learn trust in, and practice being kind to ourselves; we will eventually arrive at the destination that we seek. Little by little, one step at a time.

Keep asking the question nicely; eventually you will get the answer that you desire.

Be kind to yourself.

Enjoy, for now.

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