The Constant Illusion

The Constant Illusion

People often talk about traditions or culture, using it as a way to justify their behaviour and choices. Tradition being something which has been established for a long time and is then accepted in to the culture of a people.

It is much like walking around your home town and seeing some buildings that you remember from child hood. The buildings are all you have ever known. They have always been there, and you may well expect that they will always be there. They are a constant.

Well, we all know that buildings are built, and just as they are built, they can be knocked down. What about the hills and mountains though? They are surely immovable objects as old as time… well, not really.

The planet Earth is a living planet in constant flux and change.

The Way of Change

The physical world that we perceive around us in any one moment is a temporary snapshot which will only ever exist for that moment.

Every atom in the human body is replaced every five years and much like the human body, the landscape of the planet Earth is constantly changing too.

Any concept of an unchangeable constant is simply an illusion of the mind.

Simply an attempt by the egoic mind to zoom in to the present and don blinkers, protecting the observer from the unknown. The unknown of what came before, and what will come after…

It is a natural tendency of humans to do this. But never the less, it is still a conscious choice that people make.

Removing the Blinkers

Turning to face our fear of the unknown is the only act which can truly set us free from our anxieties and worries. Once we realise that all things are temporary, the more we will grow in confidence that we are free to make our own choices and live our own lives.

All humans are on a journey into the unknown. Some just choose to lie to themselves about it.

It is like making a choice to either sit facing backwards on the train, or forwards.


Once we realise that all things are temporary, we will know and accept that both the good and the bad will not last. Embracing the yin and yang of the whole.

Savour the good while it is here in this present moment. Endure the bad while it has come to pay a visit. Neither will last for everything always changes.

Much like the clouds floating by on a summer’s day, negative thoughts and turbulent emotions are a natural element of the climate in your mind. They only become an issue if you grab hold of them and run around under them.

Any attempt to hold on to anything, be it physical or phycological will be and act of resistance. Resistance which then causes pain; pain which creates anxiety; and anxiety which creates fear.

It is your choice if you want to embrace the unknown and live without fear.

It is not easy.

But nothing worthwhile ever is.

Enjoy, for now.

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