The One Hundredth Post

The One Hundredth Post

Today sees the release of the one hundredth post on the Mountain Pathway, and on Thursday the 10th of February 2022, the site will celebrate its first Birthday!


But when was the Mountain Pathway really born?

Was it when I read my first inspirational book (The Alchemist) in my late teens, and I started to embark on a journey of self-development and growth?

Was it when I was born, because I always had these writings in me, just waiting to come out?

Was it when my parents were born because they we destined to have me?

How far back do you go?


Well, if the universe is simply composed of energy, all of which came from one single source… you could easily perceive that The Mountain Pathway was born when the universe was. It is as old as time.

Following the dawn of the universe, the energetic trajectory which gave rise to the planets and the stars, also gave birth to life on planet Earth. As life has evolved and grown homo sapiens have emerged. All of the great teachings that have been discovered and learned by humans have been passed down through time, and some of it has made its way in to my brain to be reformulated through my own perspective which then popped out… as The Mountain Pathway.

You, I, Me, Them, Us, The Mountain Pathway… We have all been here since the start of time… it is just that right now we represent a finite configuration of energy which will only last for this moment.

Uniquely individual while also being part of a single whole.

The Future

The first hundred posts have been a wonderful journey of self-discovery for me. The act of writing and publishing these works is a commitment to myself and the universe which enables my vision of the future to manifest through me.

I am excited for what the next one hundred posts hold!

Much love and appreciation.

Enjoy, for now.

Ramsey Bond.

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