Why Be Honest?

Why Be Honest?

The sharing of information between two individuals is tantamount to the transference of energy between two interfaces within a system.

Humans are perceptively aware of this reality, but more often than not, are not consciously aware of it.

This means we can sense it, and that it influences our feelings and emotions; but often we cannot clearly articulate that influence beyond describing it as intuition or a gut feeling.

A Hard Truth

The first law of thermodynamics is that energy within a system is never lost.

As such, if information is not shared between two parties, the energy will still persist within the relationship. But because the flow has stopped, the energy will stagnate and become stale.

All Backed up

Stagnant and stale energy in a relationship means that the relationship is energetically constipated. The humans involved will perceive this, even though they may not freely articulate it.

While constipation often does not hurt, for those that have experienced it, they will know the off feeling of discomfort.

If this discomfort is perceived in a relationship, then humans will naturally allow the relationship to dissolve. Depriving it of energy so it shrinks and dies so the feeling of discomfort is removed.

Clearing the Blockage

Dietitians recommend eating fibre to aid efficient digestion and avoid constipation.

Practicing honesty is like fibre for your vitality.

The more you allow your energy to flow freely within your relationships, the more you will experience shared resonance with others and the closer you will become to resonating with the whole.

We all know that feeling of relief which comes when a secret is shared… Imagine feeling like that constantly.

Only honest relationships will stand the test of time and allow all parities involved to benefit from the catalytic effect of increasing their shared energetic resonance.

Enabling the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts.

Your candle of vitality burns with honesty. Use it to set the world on fire!

Enjoy, for now.

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