A Cynical Comfort Blanket

A Cynical Comfort Blanket

Sometimes it is easier to cast doubt on a situation than to open up honestly and embrace it.

The next time you are cynical ask yourself…

What am I afraid of? What emotions am I reacting to and resisting?

In other words:

Am I resisting acceptance of my true feelings? And if so, why?

I have experienced people being cynical both personally and professionally. Hell, I have done it quite a bit too.

In personal situations, I have encountered people using cynicism to misdirect a conversation away from emotional subject matter. For example, casting doubt over what a vet would do with a dog’s ashes post cremation, to avoid confronting the conversation about having the dog put to sleep.

Or in a work situation, I have experienced people being cynical about a new project or initiative, because they were concerned about the light that it would shed over their contribution at work.

When it comes to cynicism, all is often not what it seems…

Are you hiding behind cynicism, or do you fully accept yourself and your emotions?

One to reflect on and ponder…

When you find the truth and accept it; you will feel a sense of relief as the trapped negative energy of resistance is released. Once you are honest with yourself, you can then be honest with others.

From my own personal experience, cynicism is driven by fear. There are lots of reasons why we could feel fear, the reason is not as important as learning to accept that fear exists.

Learning to accept that fear is a natural human emotion and that all humans feel it. Some people have just learned to move forward with authentic integrity regardless of it. A skill to learn and practice.

Enjoy, for now.

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