Creating Congruence – Accepting Perfection

Creating Congruence – Accepting Perfection

In the previous posts in the Creating Congruence series, we first looked at what creating congruence means – achieving harmony between our definition of the perfect human, our definition of me, and our actions in the present moment.

We then looked at three insights which can help us do just this.

The whole process though is a natural exploration and evolution of one’s self. It is expected, or you could even say an essential part of living.

So much so that there is no separation between the journey and the destination.

Consider this…

Starting at the End

Perfection is easy. So easy in fact, it is already here. You are already perfect…

It all depends on your outlook…

Please take your time to read and reflect on this:

When we considered the foreman and its whisper of perfection; we identified it can only whisper because it has a definition of me to compare against a definition of the perfect human. Both definitions are a construct that only exist in your mind.

When you are conscious and focused within the present moment, you are living as I; there is only you and the experience of the present moment. Just you and the universe.

If you are religious then you may believe that the universe was created by a

god, or you may not be religious and believe in scientific theories of the big bang (which still don’t explain why the universe is here!). Either way, you have a one single theory or explanation. You have nothing to compare it to.

Considering this; on what basis could you evidence that the universe is not perfect?

You simply can’t.

To say the universe is not perfect, is to profess to know that something better exists, or to profess that the god that created the universe is also not perfect.

Accept that perfection is here and that it includes all aspects of life. Both the sweet and the sour, the Yin and the Yang.

You are part of the universe, so if it is perfect, that makes you perfect too.

We are all perfectly imperfect on our journey of life.

All we can do is strive to be better today than we were yesterday.

One step at a time, on our journey of growth.

Creating congruence can be tough going at times. You will have good days and bad days. You may go three steps forwards and two steps back. If you start to struggle, use this as a mantra to help you recentre and recharge your energy.

Enjoy, for now.

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