Have we been here before?

Have we been here before?

My previous post was a ponderous exploration of the question who creates life?

During that exploration I touched on some concepts such as the great lake of energy from which everything is born, and the phenomenon of energy increasing in resonance as it moves in to a physical realm.

How though, does this all fit with the concept of the soul or the spirit?


My wife was born in to a Sikh family. While she is not a strict follower, she has been raised with a deep understanding of the concepts and principles underlying the religion.

The Sikh religion, much like Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism believes in reincarnation. The act of the soul being passed from one body to the next body; life cycle after life cycle.

Having discussed reincarnation with my wife and her mother a few times, it is a concept that I like the sound of, but I have struggled with a little bit.

It seems to make sense to me that everything in the physical world came from somewhere, and will return to somewhere. It also makes sense that in a cyclical process such as life and death, there will an element of recycling.

Consider water being showered on to the earth as rain, which is then absorbed by the plants, which are then eaten by animals, which then pass out waste mater on to the ground; the water soaks in and eventually makes it way to a river, which flows out to the sea and evaporates to form clouds… which then produce rain.

The same water, going round in a circle.

Much like water, the atoms which make up plants are provided by the Earth, and the Earth is in turn nourished by the dead organic matter of previous generations of plants.

Cycle and recycle.

All of this makes sense to me however, the main reason I have struggled with reincarnation is the concept of a nicely packaged individual human soul.

It does not make sense to me that the great lake is some how pre carved up in to lots of little human souls, ready to be unwrapped and shipped out in to the realm of the living.

Accepting that life and death is a cyclical process meaning we are born from the lake and will return to it, maybe this is where resonance has an effect…


The human body, like a lightning conductor, is a conductor of life energy. The way a human chooses to live their life has a direct effect on the resonance of their life energy.

The more we take care of ourselves (which I have discussed in the prioritise increasing vitality principle) the higher the amount of life energy we will have, and the higher the frequency of our energetic resonance will be.

When a human body starts to form, it takes a spark of life energy from its parents to kick start the process. This passing of the torch carries with it the resonance of the parents; the resonance of the spark then influences the resonance and amount of the energy which is channelled from the great lake.

Once growth begins, the state of wellbeing of the pregnant mother will heavily influence the development of the child. The higher her resonance, the more secure and reassured the growing child will be. Thus, increasing the resonance and rate of energy uptake of the growing child too.

It is not a like for like thing though. What I mean is that when energy is channelled from the great lake in to a human body, sometimes it will carry with it residual resonance from a previous life and will not be a direct match for the resonance of the growing child.


When someone dies, and their life energy returns to the great lake, it will inevitably carry with it the resonance of the past life. Over time this will dissipate, but if that energy is quickly channelled back to the realm of the living, some of that resonance will also be carried with it.

Consider that the atmosphere, the Earth, the plants, the human body, the memories we hold, and the thoughts we humans have; are all just energy resonating in a certain way. This means that when energy carrying the resonance of memories and thoughts is returned to the great lake, if it is then recycled without first being given enough time to reduce in resonance, the thoughts and memories carried by the energy will also be carried to the next life.

Let me offer and analogy; if you pass a cup of hot water from one person to the next, the act of holding the cup will spend some of the heat energy so the cup will slowly cool, but will retain most of its heat as it is being directly passed from one human to the next.

Like a pre-packed soul.

If you pour that cup in to a bath first then fill the cup afresh from the bath, the water in the cup will not be as warm. There will however be a difference if you scoop the water immediately back out where you initially poured it in, as opposed to giving the bath a stir before you take the next cup out.

Like returning energy to the lake before passing it to the next life.

The Take Away

This is just a ponderous musing thought exercise where I have attempted to fabricate some logic to make reincarnation make sense to me. I could be right; I could be wrong… I am just lucky to have the freedom of mind to spend some time pondering this.

Either way though, I will continue to prioritise increasing my own vitality so I can share my energy in the form of love and support with my family in this life.

And if you read my blog, or meet me face to face, I will share some with you too.

Our life is what we choose to make of it.

Enjoy, for now.

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