Reaching for the Stars – My Experience of the Oneself

Reaching for the Stars – My Experience of the Oneself

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What this Means to Me

You could say that the concept of the higher self, or the oneself, is a metaphysical belief system for reality. Belief system because it is hard to prove through scientific experiment.

What I can say though, is that through rational thinking I am able to provide an explanation for why I think its existence is probable.

In experiencing the higher self, you must first create the right inner conditions:

  • Know your personality and behavioural traits: A window in to your Ego and values.
  • Know your Ego: Learn not to listen.
  • Attentive presence in the moment: No concern of past or future.
    • No separation between the observer and the observed, or the experience and the experiencer
      • No thinking.
      • No attempt to understand.
      • Only motion.

Connecting with the Oneself is done through feeling, a knowing. It is not about rationally thinking what is right, or about feeling and then acting upon your emotions.

An example would be when you are making love with your partner. There is no verbal communication, only energetic resonance. You are vibrating together and know intuitively what each other wants. This is a special moment and requires a deep connection that develops over time. If you have experienced this, you will understand through the shared resonance and feeling of deep connection I am talking about.

This same deep connection and shared resonance can be lived with the whole universe; every moment. This is that it means to connect with the oneself and live authentically.

The Counter View

Considering this rationally, it may be that adopting this metaphysical view of existence enables humans to tap in to nonverbal energetic sense abilities we are born with, but have learned to tune out due to societal conditioning.

It is not that there is a oneself, it is that we are able to sense the energetic trajectory of the world around us and act in accordance with it once we have learned to listen and reawaken this ability.

The Counter, Counter View

Whether this is really a resonance with a higher self, or just a trick of the mind where I have formed an unreal metaphysical perception of the world; it does not matter.

What I can say though is that as I have learned to develop these practices and unlock this potential in myself, I have become more contented, more clam, and better able to express rationally and authentically.

I act naturally and do not have any regrets, guilt or shame.

What matters is that so far it works, and not only that, this perception is not fixed – it can grow, adapt, and evolve as more lived experience provides input.

As new information arrives, I am open to accepting and embracing this – what is real to me may be unreal only to someone else that is aware of some other rational knowledge that I am yet to know.

Well, I can learn this too and further evolve my metaphysical perception of life and existence.

All plans are tentative, but invested in with passion.

– Ramsey Bond

Enjoy, for now.

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