Reaching for the Stars – Going Back to Move Forwards

Reaching for the Stars – Going Back to Move Forwards

This is the second post in the Reaching for the Stars Series, you can access the first post here.


The principles of The Mountain Pathway and all of the preceding tools in the introspection tool kit have all been designed to enable you to create the right internal conditions to connect with your higher self – the one self.

When I talk about internal conditions, I mean specifically cultivating a biochemical environment which enables optimal energetic flow and the production of the required hormones that underpin a contented, serene and authentic world view shaped in your perception (a construct of your mind).

Both physical and psychological training is required to create these conditions.

To explore this further, we are going to revisit some of the principles and tools…

I and Me

In the tool of “I” and “Me” we explored how “me” is an ego constructed definition of ourselves that we create, and “I” is our conscious state of mind where take action in the present moment.

Put simply:

You are I.

When you are I, you are truly conscious.

There is also a me in your mind, but me is not you.

Me is nothing but your own perception of you.

Here is an example: when you are sat looking at a beautiful sunset, being present in the moment, enjoying the colours and the feeling of the last rays of sunshine kissing your face; you are I.

The state of I is the platform where we can engage our higher self.

Here is a link to that full series.

This tool is a gateway to the other tools in the inner world collection, once you understand and can apply this, then you will be ready to use the other tools and fully explore your ego.

The Inner World Collection of Tools

The tool of I and Me was the first in series of tools designed to help you explore your ego and develop your awareness of its influence.

Here is a visual representation of the tools:

Here is a synopsis of, and a link to each of these tools:

I and Me

Understand the difference between present consciousness and your Ego. Become more present in the moment.

Rewriting the Script

Become aware of the scripts that we create and store in our egos which drive our day-to-day behaviours and beliefs about ourselves and the world.

Creating Congruence

Becoming aware of your definition of perfection and how you can use it to your advantage.

Emotional Checkpoint

How to develop emotional awareness and strive for emotional intelligence.

Breaking the Triangle

An insight in to the trap of the drama triangle of egos.

These tools all enable you to create the right inner psychological conditions to access your higher self.

Creating the Right Physical Conditions

Psychological work is only one part of the puzzle. To achieve your full potential, you must cultivate a healthy body too. This is because our state of health and physical fitness are intrinsically linked.

A truly healthy mind forms part of a healthy body, and a healthy mind forms habits that create a healthy body.

Through physical training we can develop our bodies so that they can sustain increased levels of energy intake, processing, and output. This state of high flow reduces the accumulation of unspent and trapped energy in the body (that we accumulate from not listening to our higher self).

Think about this like a fast-flowing river clearing silt from the river bed.

Being physically fit is about both improving our ability to process energy and about processing energy via the act of improvement.

i.e., Exercise has positive effects on your flow of vitality but also has a positive affect too.

We explored physical fitness in detail as part of the principle of Prioritising Increasing Vitality.

You can access that whole series here.

Enjoy, for now.

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