The Finger

The Finger

When life is busy and we have lots to do, it can be challenging to find time for practices such as mindfulness and meditation. I have previously shared the time check tool which is a great quick technique to bring your awareness in to the present moment.

Another tool I have been using recently is what I refer to as “The Finger”.

This is how it works.

Take three slow deep breaths to calm and steady yourself. While doing this allow you gaze to softly focus with no intention on what you are seeing.

Once you have completed your breaths, hold up your dominant hand in front of you and focus on your index finger. While doing this, keep your hand relaxed and free of tension.

The Wiggle

Now slowly wiggle your finger. Allow yourself to feel the gentle movement of the finger and the muscles in your hand.

After it has been wiggled a few times, while maintaining your focus on the

finger, ask yourself this:

What is wiggling the finger?

Keep slowly repeating this question while the finger continues to wiggle.

If you hear your mind trying to work out an answer, observe the process, but to not grab hold of the thoughts. Allow them to drift on by.

Continue to ask the question as the finger wiggles.

You may then begin to feel what the answer is, rather than think it. At that point, the exercise is complete.

Welcome, to the present moment.


This is an intriguing little exercise and can be performed in as little as minute. I would recommend stating off with the question that I have posed, but then you can play around and explore different angles of questioning:

  • What is wiggling the finger?
  • Who is wiggling the finger?
  • Am I the finger?
  • Is the finger mine?

    You get the idea.

    The key with this is to detach yourself from the process of the mind thinking what the answer is. Let go, and feel.

    Knowing and thinking are not the same thing.

    Enjoy, for now.

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