The Introspection Toolkit – Revisited

The Introspection Toolkit – Revisited

In this post we will revisit our overview of the introspection tool kit to relay foundations for the final two tools to come…

Think of introspection as an internal inspection of your mental and emotional processes.

Our internal world is a mirror that structures our perception of our external world.  Using an analogy; the life we choose to live, and our perception of the world, can be compared to a forest. There are different parts of the forest that all serve different purposes; places we go to work, places we go to relax, and places we go to have fun.

You are the landscape architect of your forest. It is a forest of limitless size and possibilities.

If you want to live a life where you are able to fulfil your energetic potential, you need to create the right diverse range of fertile soils for your masterpiece.

Let me put it this way; If you want to remove a weed then you need to kill it at the root. If you want to grow healthy plants you need to make sure make sure the soils are tailored to be specifically fertile for their roots. Different plants have different requirements.

The roots of all of the principles for success live in your internal world, and it is these principles that fuel the ecosystem supporting a rich and meaningful life.

Lifting the Lid

The introspection toolkit is made up of tools, techniques and insights which have helped me develop and manage my internal world. It is my hope, that they will be help you to become more self-aware so you can take action to apply yourself wholeheartedly to your life.

Let’s be clear though, we are basically lifting the lid on the human brain and trying to work out what is going on; and the human mind is more complex than any super computer humanity has ever been able to build!

The neural networks that exist within us and how they all work in combination to shape our personalities are not fully understood y humanity yet. The simple reality is that everything relates to everything and there are some very complex relationships at play. I am not a clinical psychologist; I am just a dude that had absorbed quite a lot of information which I have processed and structured to make it make sense to me. Hopefully, it makes sense to you too.

The Tools

The introspection toolkit, is the first out of four tool kits which each contain 10 tools. This toolkit groups in to four major areas. Here is a summary of each of the areas and tools in the introspection toolkit:

Click the titles of the tools to find out more.

Projecting in to the External World

Understanding how you like to interact with the world.

Your OWL

Learn about your personality and behaviour.

Exploring Our Internal World

Understanding more about how we think and why we feel the way we do.

I and Me

Understand the difference between present consciousness and your Ego. Become more present in the moment.

Rewriting the Script

Become aware of the scripts that we create and store in our egos which drive our day-to-day behaviours and beliefs about ourselves and the world.

Emotional Checkpoint

How to develop emotional awareness and strive for emotional intelligence.

Breaking the Triangle

An insight in to the trap of the drama triangle of egos.

Creating Congruence

Becoming aware of your definition of perfection and how you can use it to your advantage.

Connecting with the External World

Tools to improve our ability to connect and project I to the universe.

Time check

Stopping to become present and mindful. Becoming I and taking control.

Pliable Perception

Understanding your perspective and using it as a tool to cultivate success.

Reaching for the Stars

Connecting with your higher self to unlock your true potential to increase the vitality of the universe.

No Link for this tool as it is the next one I am releasing.

Getting Ready for Action

Using what we have learnt to uncover our authentic purpose.

Finding your Cape

Discovering your purpose.

Establishing principles, identifying your superpower, and setting goals.

This tool is under development and will be released later this year.

A Picture Paints…

We are almost at the end of the connecting with the external world collection of tools. Over the next coming weeks and months, I am going to explore the final two tools in the introspection toolkit.

To help you see them all the tools in context, the following overview diagram gives you a feel for how all of the tools relate to each other. I have just tried to capture the key relationships between the different areas.

This however, is just my take on this information. I encourage you to find your own understanding of how all of this information fits together. Ignore bits, change bits, add bits… it is all up to you.

Give yourself permission to create your own schemata for understanding the world…

I am looking forward to exploring the tool kit with you. Learning and challenging our perception is truly a wonderful thing.

It makes me feel alive.

Enjoy, for now.

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