The Mountain Pathway – Tools and Toolkits

The Mountain Pathway – Tools and Toolkits

I started off by exploring the five principles of success, now is the time to move on and begin to explore the supporting toolkits of The Mountain Pathway.


A tool is a “a device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function”.

Well, the tools of The Mountain Pathway are not hand held, they are all mind held. Some tools are concepts that you can mediate and reflect upon to deep your understanding of things, others are practical aids for challenge resolution and change.

The concept behind the tools is that they are truly generic and can be applied to all aspects of your life. Everything that you experience.


The tools are classified in to four toolkits. Over the next coming week, months and years I am going to explore each of the toolkits and tools. Tackling them in the order I have outlined below. There is an order for a reason…

Imagine you are building a house… you can’t put the roof on until the walls are built and you can’t put up the walls until the foundations are laid. You can fit the roof before you have put up the curtains though!


Change always starts from within. This toolkit is designed to help you understand and develop your internal world so you have the right foundations to project yourself outwards towards your goals and ambitions.


Cultivating the right mindset is synonymous to preparing soil to make it fertile so your desired plants can grow. The mindset tools are enhancing principles and rules that underpin your approach to challenges. They are designed to help you find resilience in the face of challenge. If introspection is the foundation, these tools are the walls.


These tools support you to structure your plans effectively and empower you with a range of strategies to help you achieve your goals.


You have done all of your prep and gathered all of the information you need, now is the time for action. Use these tools to refine your plan of action, overcome challenges and deliver success.

All Plans are Tentative

Right now, I am putting the roof on my house and the foundations are looking pretty spot on.

To be clear though, if you get to putting the roof on your house and it turns out your requirements for the foundations have changed, well, you reserve the right to knock the whole lot down and start again!

Such is life and the freedom that the power of choice affords us!

In my next post, I am going to lift the lid on the introspection toolkit…

Enjoy, for now.

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