The Pragmatic Optimist

The Pragmatic Optimist

A pragmatist is someone that deals with things sensibly and realistically.

An optimist is someone who is hopeful and confident about the future.

So what happens when you combine the two?

If you learn the art of pragmatism, you will come to find that your ability to maintain a calm and logical disposition will mean that there is very little that life can throw at you which you cannot handle.

The stoic practice of Premeditato Malorum is a daily act where each morning you look forward to the day ahead and evaluate all the things that could possibly go wrong, including all the people you might encounter which might cause you trouble and strife.

Now you might consider this to be an exercise which makes you harbour a pessimistic outlook, quite the opposite though; this is all about becoming psychologically prepared for anything that may unfold and taking the opportunity to spot problems which can be resolved by making adjustments in advance.

This practice enables you to pragmatically accept that not everything is in your control while simultaneously accepting responsibility for the things you can control.

True Optimism

Having an optimistic outlook not because you think the world will deliver you what you want, but because if it does not you trust in your ability to deal with the situation and keep moving forward.

This is all about embracing the good and the bad; the positive and the negative; and choosing to focus our energy on the only thing we can really control: Ourselves.

“I know not what is good or bad”

– Lao Tzu

“Regardless, I know I can handle it”

– Ramsey Bond

Enjoy, for now.

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