This is not a Post

This is not a Post

Well today, it would seem that I don’t have any content prepped, or close to being prepped.

In the past I have rocked up to a Tuesday post and just picked one of the stubs from the shelf and let my mind flow… when this happens the content almost seems to write itself.

Today, that is not quite the case.

I suppose the challenge comes in when it starts to become a challenge.

Writing content like my blog is not something you try to do. It is something you either do or do not. Pushing, striving, trying, working… these are all things which are not conducive to creativity.

I find I just need to let it flow… focus not on the content but on the alignment of the things that need to happen first.

I have a little image in my mind that has formed…. if you had 200 people to get through a door that could only fit two people through at a time… would it be faster to call people forward in twos to run though it, or to ask all 200 to just get on an go for it at the same time.

I wonder which approach would require the most trying?

Enjoy, for now.

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