Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here?

Hold on to your arse! This, is a bold one!…

For me personally I like things to make sense. By make sense, I mean I like to have context for my actions and goals so that I can understand how they contribute to the big picture, or you could say a higher purpose. Well, here goes:

The universal higher purpose of all humans is the evolution of life energy.

This means expanding the trickle of life energy that flows through each one of us; turning it in to a raging torrent… Increasing our vitality.

The path to increasing our vitality, and the vitality of everything around us, is through the pursuit of self-actualisation. Finding out who we truly are, discovering our superpower (the skills the come most naturally to us), and taking action with sincere compassion to engage authentically with the world around us. Living with authentic purpose.

This is a life path of love, growth and contentment. A path of true happiness.

Energy does not die, it is not born, it only changes state. Channelling life energy though ourselves and the environment around us will increase our own energetic vibrations as well as the vibrations of the energy itself.

When energy vibrates at an increased frequency, the energy attracts more energy creating a positive feedback loop.

The more we give, the more we receive.

The more energy humans conduct, the more we can then apply it though action, to the world around us. Building a better future for us and all of the inhabitants of our planet. Consciously evolving.

In today’s world, humans are more connected together than they ever have been. On the one hand this is brilliant; we have access to all the information we could ever want. On the other hand, it has enabled the egoic part of the collective consciousness of humanity (the shared beliefs, attitudes and knowledge that is common to all humanity) to pollute the psyche of billions of humans.

Never before has the equilibria of earths ecosystem been so challenged and strained. The state of the planet is reflective of the state of the average human mind.


The harnessing and harmonising of life energy, represents the next step on the journey of human evolution. The pursuit of this goal will allow us to reconnect with ourselves, each other, planet Earth and the universe as a whole. Our bodies have opposable thumbs, our minds need them too!

I am describing a vison of progress towards a universal society that is consciously connected to, and in harmony with, the entire ecosystem of the universe.

To be clear I am not a “scientist”, I am not a “religious scholar”, I am not a “guru” or a “spiritual teacher”. I am just some dude that has read, watched, listened to, and tried out a load of stuff. Based upon what I have encountered and experienced, this is my current summation on the state of affairs.

I have written this post because I have found that the more I make choices in my life which are aligned with this understanding, the more I have become: happy, contented, full of love and brimming with energy.

Join me on this journey and we can all strive to support each other to succeed. Taking action in the present moment to create a brighter future.

Enjoy, for now.

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