A Game of Make your own Belief

A Game of Make your own Belief

Well, I’ve got covid.

I have been in self-isolation since last Thursday evening.

I am truly lucky that the rest of my family have stayed covid free, and we have a three-story house so I am able to hide away on the top floor with the doors closed to keep them safe.

The safety of my family is what is most important to me.

The reality is though, that I need to stay in isolation until the day after boxing day. No turkey, no presents, no family this Christmas.


After taking a government issued PCR test and achieving a positive result (it sounds like a reward!), I was advised that by law, I needed to isolate for ten days.

Over the phone when I was told this the sentiment was very much:

“The law is making you do this, so you will do it!”.

Maybe without the exclamation mark, but it is in there for dramatic effect!

What are the laws though? Are they real?

Collective Agreement

The only biological evidence of laws is in the neural networks inside of human brains which hold the programming of the law. These are neural networks that we as individuals chose to create by believing in the laws.

Laws are quite simply an imagined construct.

A construct collectively created by society to keep us safe from the individuals who need to be told what the right thing is to do because they cannot work it out for themselves.

The problem for me is; I am not one to accept being told what to do.

Reverting the Resistance

My mind has in part refused to accept what is. I know this because of the anger that has been bubbling inside me. When I feel it rise, I have acknowledged it, and breathed it away. The problem is though, the pot is still over the flame and it will boil again.

Unable to accept what is, I have decided to change what is.

What was:

A law telling me what to do.

What is now:

A choice I am making to keep my family safe.

My Choice

I am not isolating because I have been made to by believing in an imaginary law. I am choosing to isolate because I want to keep my family safe.

It is my choice made out of the love for my family. Not, something I am forced to do out of fear for the laws of our society.

If you keep spinning the chair, eventually you will find the angle where it looks pleasing.

You see, what you choose to focus on.

Enjoy, for now.

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