An Island of Honesty

An Island of Honesty

A close friend from work once gave me one of the nicest compliments that I have ever had:

“You are a like an island of honesty, in a sea of bullshit.”

It made us both laugh at the time and we certainly enjoyed our post work beer that Friday evening.

The expression is one that has stuck with me, and is something that I have taken to heart. You could call it a theme to how I have chosen to live my life.

A Little Vision…

Think of a little volcanic island, a tiny little blip in the ocean. The island is spewing out lava and is slowly starting to grow…

The big ships that sail the sea of bullshit are afraid of the little island, there is no lighthouse to warn of its location, and if they crash in to it, they will surely be sunk!

The more the island is honest, the more that it will grow. Other passing ships that want to take refuge, can come up close and cast anchor in to the shallow seas that surround it. They lock their anchors in to the sea bed, by accepting the truth.

If the captains of these ships choose to start to speak the truth; where their anchors penetrated the seabed their own little volcanoes will begin to erupt… In time, what was once a small island, will grow in to being a whole archipelago… maybe eventually, even in to a continent.

Your Choice

The lava in this little image represents both our vitality and our acceptance of the truth. The more we accept the truth of who we are, the more we can live authentically.

Just in the same way as volcanoes allow magma trapped in the earth’s crust to escape as lava, when we align ourselves with the natural order of things by accepting the truth, this fills our being with vitality.

Just like lava turns in to stone which is fused with the bed rock of the earth, the vitality that we gain anchors us to the source at the heart of the universe. Honesty builds roots and creates strong foundations.

With solid foundations to propel from, and an abundance of vitality at our disposal, we can project ourselves authentically in to the world.

Start to build your own island of honesty today.

You will not regret it!

Enjoy, for now.

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