Awareness vs Consciousness

Awareness vs Consciousness

To be aware of something is to be able to acknowledge that it exists. To be conscious of something means that we actively focus on it in the present moment. The introspection toolkit is designed to help you become more self-aware.


Spending time reflecting is an important activity to help you become more self-aware. During times of reflection, you will choose to become self-conscious while you analyse your recent thoughts and actions. This is a good and healthy thing, but like with all things, too much can be bad for you.

Self-consciousness detracts away from true consciousness. It causes us to be absorbed in to psychological time (the past and the future) rather than being conscious of the present moment.

It is good to be aware and then to plan time to consciously reflect and learn. Accept this as a choice that you have the power to make.

Be Aware

Throughout the introspection toolkit we will explore the concept of our ego and the voice of our foreman. This psychological character has a tendency to pollute your present consciousness with thoughts concerning psychological time. Just be aware, the more you reflect, the more subject matter you will feed your foreman and the more they will try and pollute your inner world.

Unconsciously making you become self-conscious, rather you choosing consciously to be self-aware.

What is the antidote? Becoming aware of your foreman. Something we will explore in the tool of I and Me.

Be aware of this information, don’t be concerned by it. Accept it, and accept responsibility for your power of choice.

The darkest hour of the night is before the dawn.

Enjoy, for now.

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