Balance vs Harmony

Balance vs Harmony

One of the five founding principle of The Mountain Pathway is Establish Equilibrium. I chose the word equilibrium because it is a more precise scientific version of balance.

When we explored this principle, we looked at how it can be applied to the various areas of your life to help you make the right choices so you can live the life you want to live… a life where you maximise your energetic potential by prioritising increasing vitality.

I revisit this topic because the words balance and equilibrium are often misunderstood.

When we think of the word balance, often an image of a traditional weighing scale will come to mind… a tool where you place weights on one side to counter balance the object on the other. When you have added the right amount of weight that is equal to the weight of the object being weighed, the scale will be in balance.

This image defines balance as being a state where all things are equal.

In your life, this could mean spending equal amounts of time doing all the different things you enjoy, along with working and spending time with your family.

Let’s apply that logic…

  • A day has 24 hours…
  • You spend 8 sleeping… that leaves 16 which you can share equally…
  • 5h 20 hours for working…
  • 5h 20 hours for family time…
  • 5h 20 hours of you time…

Does that sound like the ideal day?

Creating Harmony

This is where the concept of Harmony comes in.

Each different activity we choose to spend our time performing has an intrinsic value we associate to it. That value is relative to the time we spend performing the activity and also the other activities that are performed as well.

Here ae some examples of what I mean:

  • Going for a 1-2h bike ride may leave us with more energy to enjoy the rest of the day then going for a 5h 20 bike ride.
  • A short amount of intense exercise will allow us to release trapped energy so our tank is ready to be filled afresh with new energy, so ensuring that when we spend time with our family, we are focused solely on them and make the most out of that time.
  • Going out for some drinks with friends will make us feel good at the time, but if we have a few too many/stay out too long, our hangover will steal happiness from tomorrow.
  • Spending just 5 minutes meditating in a morning can help calm the mind and allow us to focus more consistently throughout the whole day.
  • Spending a couple of hours a week visiting you parents, may be more conducive to a healthy relationship rather than spending one whole day with them a month!
  • Doing one small thing, just for you each day, will help remind you of your own value and worth.

You see, it is not necessarily about the amount of time being equal it is about choosing the right combination and quantities of activities in your life to ensure you are living harmoniously.

Much like baking a chocolate cake, even if you love chocolate, if you add three times as much coco as what the recipe says, your ingredients will not be in harmony and the resulting cake will not be optimal.

Take Away

Use the principle of Establishing Equilibrium to evaluate your life and how you spend your time, but remember that the goal is not balance, it is harmony.

When you share the same harmonic resonance as the universe, you will find your whole life is amplified as the as energy perpetuates back to you.

The more you give, the more you get.

Enjoy, for now.

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