I and Me – Agents at Play

I and Me – Agents at Play

This is the second post exploring the tool of I and Me.

In the first post we started to understand what I is, and who me is. We also explored the different levels of the human psyche.

As I mentioned in the previous post, you can think of the levels of the human psyche as different layers of energy, the agents at play are collections of energy with flow between the different layers.

Think of the agents as the functional parts, and the levels as the domains of activity; we are more easily aware of activity in some domains than others.

The Agents at Play

Higher Self

Your higher self, resides within the sky and the stars. It is what you embody when you connect with your own vitality and the vitality of the universe.

Examples of us transcending to our higher self are all found in the present moment; when we feel genuine empathy and compassion, when we embrace nature and feel a connection to the energy of the world around us, when we meditate and feel the energetic vibration of our body, when we are still and calm and our sense of intuition can be heard.

We will explore the power of the higher self when we look at the reaching for the stars tool. For now, just know that when you embody I, you have discovered the doorway which leads to your higher self.


I, operates within the canopy of the forest. You become I, when you interact with the perceived physical world around you.

I, exists only in the present moment through your experience.

There is no voice in your mind, just the action of you experiencing the present moment. You are truly conscious. The more I, dominates your conscious psyche, the larger the doorway will be to your higher self and your connection to the vitality of the universe.

I, is simple; take away the voice of your Ego and it is what remains. Just you and the universe. Your Ego while essential, is also the baggage that can weigh you down and stop you reaching for the sky.


Buried deep within the bedrock, our instincts are built in to us as part of our DNA; DNA that has evolved over millennia to be the blueprint for modern humans.

They are our drive to satisfy needs like hunger, thirst, shelter, and the process our bodies follow to enable us to breath, digest food and blink. Our instincts also govern the biological process that drive our senses. We commonly think we only have five senses (sight, taste, touch, sound, smell), but we actually have many, many more:

  • Pressure (applied to the surface of our skin)
  • Itch,
  • Thermoception (ability to sense heat and cold)
  • Proprioception (being able to tell where your body parts are, relative to other body parts)
  • Tension (your brain to monitoring muscle tension)
  • Nociception (pain)
  • Equilibrioception (balance)
  • Stretch (specific to body sensing the dilation of blood vessels to regulate blood flow)
  • Chemoreceptors (body detecting hormones and chemicals in blood)
  • Magnetoception (the ability to detect magnetic fields)
  • Time passing


By now, we all know what vitality is. Life energy.

It is what powers all of the processes of your psyche, what enables your forest to grow, and what lights up the stars in the sky. It is both the driving force behind everything and source of everything.


Your ego exists within the understory of the forest and penetrates deep through the soil and in to the bed rock; It spans across multiple levels of our psyche all at the same time

Humans have evolved to have an egoic mind to aid us to learn and thrive. You could regard it as the warehouse and the workhorse of the mind; like a warehouse, you can store and retrieve everything you need to; like a workhorse, it can do all of the heavy lifting for you, but also like a workhorse it has its own mind and it can pull you along without you realising it.

In the next post, we will explore the Ego in more detail and find out more about how it does what it does.

Enjoy, for now.

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