Intuitive Vison

Intuitive Vison

Intuition is akin to gut feeling. You could think of it as our ability to feel what the right course of action is.

Vison is our ability to see, or more specifically to create a mental image of the future we want to manifest.


Intuition is a preprogramed pattern that exists within the neural networks of our brains. It is hard wired within our DNA for it is fundamentally one of the things that makes us human.

Intuitive vison of the future arises when we exist within the silent void of the present moment. When we practice mindful consciousness in the present moment, we open ourselves up to feel the cyclical process of energy within the universe. A universe that we are part of.

In this frame of mind, we are able to evaluate our energetic state of health by perceiving the energetic momentum within the system. Are we on an upward curve or a downward curve?

If we practice honesty, we can evaluate our lifestyle and way of being so we can make the required adjustments to ensure we are building the right energetic trajectory. Or you could say, talking the right journey up the mountain pathway.

Time Travel

When we use our intuition to sense our direction of travel, if we then expand our perception to encompass a vision of our future reality a powerful thing can happen.

It can appear that time collapses and we bring the future in to the present moment.

We start to live the future by first perceiving then manifesting energetic change needed within ourselves to make it our reality. Mentally living the future in the present moment then stripping away the bubble of our minds eye to release it in to reality. Turning thought in to action to manifest a new reality.

The more we do this the better we become at it.

Next time you can’t decide what you should do next to achieve your goal. Stop, and vividly imagine that you have already achieved your goal. Imagine every detail of your successful life. Then look back at your current situation from that future position of achievement and consider what decision you would have made to arrive where you are.

Deciding on the best course of action after first manifesting your future reality. Bringing the future in to the present moment and making decisions based on that future reality.


Consider that when we observe, there is no observer and observed. There is simply the action of observation taking place. Everything is one.

Mindfulness, belief and optimism.

Skills and choices that can change our lives.

Enjoy, for now.

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