Reflections of Reality

Reflections of Reality

Here is a fun little post sharing some of the questions I like to ponder. If you have some answers, feel free to get in touch 😊


While humans have explored the human consciousness, so far there is no concrete testable explanation for how consciousness arises and as such what consciousness really is.

What we have had more luck investigating is how humans use our sense organs to build a perception of the world, even this though runs in to the challenge of consciousness and the function it performs.


What I have discovered by exploring the writing of Oliver Sacks and his insights in to neurology….

Different bits of data (you could think of them like packets) are accumulated by the sense organs which are integrated together (and the gaps between the packets filled in) within the conscious mind and this is what forms our perception of reality.

If certain senses are depleted or lost, other senses can over time learn to compensate and provide substitute input.

In the position of mania (over activity of one of our senses or processing centres) we can either medicate the brain or develop cognitive strategies to promote a balanced integration and formation of perception.

Regardless of the health of our mind, there will always be gaps in this information and our consciousness will fill them in the best it knows how to.


Our perception being a construct of human consciousness is limited to the inputs we are aware of. This means if our rational mind is constrained to accepting only the different packets of data received by the traditional senses, this is how we will view the world. If we choose to train our mind to attune to the energetic resonance of ourselves and the world around, this data can then be fed to our consciousness through our cognitive process and as such be incorporated in to our perception.

Something to consider is that as proven by the theory of quantum mechanics, the whole universe can be expressed as small energy fields resonating in different ways.


Does consciousness function at a quantum level where energy packets received from the different senses are bundled together (much like a Venn diagram) to give a integrated perception of reality?

Is intuition the detection of dissonance in this process and insight in to the appropriate configuration of the integrated elements to create an optimal perception of reality inline with the energetic trajectory of the universe?

Is it also the case that distortions in our cognitive ability and lack of a connection with the oneself can distort this ability to effectively integrate and thus become conscious of the real reality of the universe?

The Moon

Think about it this way… the way we perceive life is much like looking at the reflection of the moon on water. While we think we can see the moon, we are actually looking at our minds formed perception of the moon – a mere reflection.

If there is a disturbance in the water, the moon will not be seen clearly.

There are may different world views and spiritual practices, some have been with humans for thousands of years (like shamanic practices), and some have been here for much less time (like the scientific method devised around 800 years ago).

These different practices all shape our perceptions and understandings in different ways. When explored they offer different avenues of perspective which can be explored to enhance the reflection of the moon that we see.


Maybe we are looking at the moon and not a reflection?

Maybe the reality of the moon looks completely different because our waters are clouded in ways that we cannot yet perceive?

Take Away

As yet, human understanding of life, the universe, and consciousness is not evolved enough for us to profess that any single angle of perception is correct and definitive. Hell, even our oldest practices are infantile if you zoom out your perspective to consider the age of the universe.

With this in mind I feel that as humans we must learn to embrace the unknown and keep our minds open for all possibilities to manifest.

The unknown unknowns of life by far outweigh the known unknowns.

– Ramsey Bond

Our perception of reality can change in an instant once we discover new insights in to how reality is constructed. Being open to understanding the world both in terms of how we think and how we feel are essential to this.

True human potential is yet to be unlocked.

What you can do though is take part in the journey and discover your authentic self and what it means for you to prioritise increasing vitality of the system you are part of.

Evolve your own vitality and that of the system will evolve with you too.

Perhaps in time we all may discover how to gaze directly at the moon.

Maybe then we will also discover that it is not the moon we are gazing at but in fact the essence of existence.

Food for thought and ponderment. x

Enjoy, for now.

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