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If you have followed this series so far, you may have had some new experiences and potentially this has been accompanied by a shift in perception. A new way of viewing the world.

In this post we will explore the signs and signals of change that you can look out for.

Reaching for the Stars – Monitoring this Skill

By choosing to explore this concept of the oneself you may find that your perception of life and what is means to be living is altered in some surprising ways. This may manifest as changes in behaviour along with changes in the thoughts and feelings you experience.

In this section, we are going to explore some of these changes and it is worth noting that each of these can signify that you are doing the right thing and moving in the right direction.

Remember that every journey is unique and individual so you may experience just some of the changes we are about to explore, and they could happen in any order and at any time.

Taking Action – What You Like to Do

You Feel Drawn to Meditate Regularly

Meditation allows us to truly go within and quiet the noise of our brains and everyday life. Not only does it relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and other health issues, but it allows you to connect to your higher vitality. Meditation lifts helps clarify your perception allowing you to see reality and your place within it more clearly.

You are Averse to People Who Don’t Share the Same Life Path as You

Connecting with your higher self means attracting relationships into your life that reflect this, and dropping those that no longer serve your best interests. If people start to fall out of your life, don’t feel guilty or sad – this just means you’ve increased your vibration and must leave behind those that drag you down.

A sign of this happening can be that your start to dislike small talk and superficial conversations. You begin to view this idle chatter and meaningless space filling as a waste of time.

Everyone walks their own path, and just because someone no longer resonates with you does not make them a bad person. It just means they too need to find others who share their vibration.

Your Desire to Spend More Time Alone

As your higher-self radiates more, you may find that the world around you doesn’t really resonate with you most of the time. You need more time in solitude to recharge, reflect, and deepen your connection with the natural world.

You have become more sensitive to other energies, and sometimes being around other people drains your own energy. So, you want to spend time exploring your creativity and developing a relationship with yourself. If you find yourself wanting to go off on your own more, don’t worry; this is a normal part of tuning into your higher self.

You Want to Give Up Harmful Habits

Harmful things lower your vibration. You begin to realize that you cannot become your true authentic self with toxic substances or toxic people weighing you down. To become a being of light, you will discover that drugs, alcohol, junk food, abusive relationships, and too much time around technology will severely deplete your energy.

Along your journey, you will become interested in feeding your body lighter, nutrient-rich foods, and staying away from negative people. You may become sensitive to the radioactivity within phones, computers, TVs, etc.

You Want to Change Jobs or Even Careers

One of the biggest transformations people go through during vibrational evolution is a longing to change their current job. Indeed, they long to find one that fulfils their true purpose. A calling.

Many people even start their own businesses as life coaches, Reiki masters, or healers of some sort. They can’t spend another second in a soul-crushing job when they know they came here for a greater purpose.

Inner World – How You Think and Feel

A Strong Urge to Explore Your Individuality

As you go tune further in to the Oneself, you will have an unrelenting desire to detach from limiting belief systems and explore your own philosophies more. You may feel isolated and lonely at times, and others may think you crazy or too unconventional. You’ll probably find that your new values are in stark disagreement with the “norm.” And your newfound craving to walk your own path will lead you far away from mainstream ideals.

Heavy Emotions Come to the Surface

Our higher-self knows the inner work that we need to do, and knows when we are ready to face in to the challenge. As you work though the complex belief systems you hold and start to remodel your perception of life and of existence, you may find there are times when you have had a “breakthrough” that soon after, deeply locked away experiences from childhood and past relationships start to surface.

This is normal, and to be embraced. When this happens it simply means that you are now ready to face in to, and work though, the experiences you previous had to turn away from. Your higher-self knows this and will present them when the time is right.

You No Longer Feel Limited or Threatened by the World Around You

Once you realize your true power and strength, you won’t fear the world, you will see possibilities.

Connecting to the Oneself means realizing one’s potential, and forgetting about all the past limiting beliefs that told you to feel small and insignificant. You feel you can take on the world authentically as your true self without feeling ashamed or apologetic.

Your Start to Feel Excited About Life

Life gets more fun and inspirational once you connect to your higher self. You’ll start to notice yourself become more creative and focused on your goals. You will become more open-minded, and reconsider things you once thought you could never do; for example, starting up a business, writing a book, traveling, building your own home, etc.

Outer World – Perception of and Engagement with the World

Your Focus More on Giving than Receiving

You begin to realize that the universe needs more love. So, you figure out ways to use your own gifts and energy to spread it. Additionally, you may feel the urge to get rid of a lot of your belongings by giving them to charities. Or, you might want to volunteer more around your community.

Your Start to Feel More Love and Compassion than Ever Before

During this time, you probably will feel an even stronger connection to Earth and all its beings. When you see pollution in the air, animals being tortured, or someone crying, you will likely experience a strong reaction and wish you could instantaneously heal everything and everyone on Earth.

As you learn to love yourself more, you will, therefore, be able to love others more, which will deepen your sense of empathy towards others.

You Begin to See Your Life Manifest as Your Vision

Your dreams start to unfold right before your eyes, and the world truly feels magical.

You no longer give into limiting beliefs, as you realize that you create your own reality, so through your thoughts, intentions and energy, you construct your life as you see fit, with the help of your higher self.

The World Around You No Longer Makes Sense

When you go out to a restaurant, supermarket, or clothes shop, you may start to see these things as meaningless and harmful to the greater purpose you have found in life. You start to become disinterested in material items, shopping, eating out, and doing all the “normal” things people do. In fact, you may start to find more solace and meaning in nature and exploring your creativity.

You Experience More Synchronicities

Most people would just call these coincidences, but upon awakening, you will come to know them as synchronicities. If you have a song in your head and hear it on the radio immediately after, you are experiencing synchronicity. If you think of someone and then they call you, this is also a synchronicity. Your higher-self can perceive the energetic unfolding of the universe, so the more in tune you become, the more you can do this too.

Enjoy, for now.

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