Reaching for the Stars – Maintaining this Skill

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In the previous post in this series, we explore techniques for how you can cultivate, or you could say initially develop you connection with the Oneself. Now in this post we will move on to explore practices which can help you maintain this connection more consistently, and for longer periods of time.

Remember, this is a journey where you will deepen your connection more over time. The more you practice, the better you get at it.

Maintaining this Skill

Once you have experienced your first glimmer of a connection to the oneself, I know that you will want to experience more. It is a feeling, once felt that you will never forget. Contented, calm, and serene.

The maintenance practices I outline in this section are really choices you can make around your mindset and approach to life. They are designed to both create the opportunity for you to identify when you have connected with your higher self (so you can then do more of the same), and for you to create more opportunities to allow your higher self to flow during everyday life.

Every moment we are alive, if life.

-Ramsey Bond

Daily Reflection

This is simple yet very effective.

Spending 5 to 10 minutes at the end of each day contemplating the events of the day will give you the opportunity to evaluate if your behaviour has been present and authentic.

Here are some suggested questions to reflect upon:

  • Have I been honest and authentic in my interactions with other today?
  • What emotions have I felt strongly today?
  • Have I allowed these emotions to influence how I have interacted with other people?

Behind each of these questions you can then ask yourself, why?

This is all about taking time to understand how our feelings and emotions (constructs of the egoic mind) can misdirect us away from behaving authentically.

It is not all bad news though; daily reflection allows us to track how we are growing and transcending the noise of our ego. When we have success and we are able to behave authentically in alignment with the principles of higher self, through reflection we can then break down exactly why this has happened so that we can create the right conditions within ourselves to repeat this.

Repeated action forms habits.

Habits define who we are.

-Ramsey Bond

Choose Honesty and Transparency

We can lie to each other, but we cannot lie to ourselves.

Some times it is difficult for us to accept the reality of our lived experience. The difficulty comes when our ego feels threatened or challenged by facts of reality which may prove our definition of ourselves and our belief system for understanding the world to be wrong.

In these situations, in a bid to avoid accepting the reality presented to us, we could choose to suppress our feelings and pretend like we don’t care as such deceiving ourselves; or we could employ distraction and evasion tactics by moving our focus to something else (like picking up our smart phone); or we could choose to understand the feelings that are arising in us and appraise the current paradigm with rational thinking.

The only path that will enable you to create the right inner conditions to connect with the oneself is the path of honesty and transparency through rational thinking.

This is a skill that can be improved over time, but this can work both ways.

Self-deception and distraction are internal coping mechanisms which if practiced too much can become habitual ways that we approach engaging with the world. Once habituated, this practice becomes unconscious and autonomic – it becomes who we are.

Not all is lost though. We still experience strong emotional triggers that invoke these habits to manifest, and we can use these same emotional triggers to stop, pause and reflect. We can start to choose to think rationally and unpick our psychological baggage slowly over time.

Through this practice new habits can be formed and we can redefine how we engage with life.

All Knowing

You see, our higher self knows when we are being dishonest with ourselves by using deception and evasion. When this happens our energy flow becomes turbulent. This leads our bodies to becoming energetically clogged like a fatty artery, in turn, being energetically clogged leads to both psychological and physiological health problems.

When we choose honesty and transparency, we experience a clarity in our perception as a result of our free-flowing vitality. Imagine the flow of this vitality being like a waterfall cleaning a pane of glass – the more our vitality flows, the better we can see and perceive.

When we have this clarity of perception, our ego is much quieter and we are able to become mindfully present, and as previously mentioned, these are the right internal conditions for you to be open to experiencing the resonance of the one self.

Self-honesty creates an internal void which is filled by the oneself.

Focus on Love

This is all about putting your higher self in to action.

When we first started exploring what the higher self is, we looked at the source of the higher self (the oneself) being the driving force behind entropy of life energy (vitality). One way in which entropy is increased it through the acts of empathy and love which create a shared energetic resonance and increase the vibration of the people involved in the interaction.

Choosing to focus on love is choosing to identify and create opportunities for your higher self to manifest and take action. Remember…

We see what we choose to focus on.

It all starts at home by learning to love yourself and with the practice of self-empathy.

Combine this practice with a reflection on the universal source of everything, and you may just then find that is comes quite naturally for you to treat everything with the same love like it is an extension of you.

Prioritise increasing vitality

This is principle number one of the five principles of success of The Mountain Pathway.

You can find the whole series of posts on this principle here.

Prioritising increasing vitality means making choices that will lead to the largest possible increase of the energetic system has a whole.

Applied to your life, this means that you need to make choices that allow you to invest in your own vitality which maximise the possible impact you may have on the vitality of the system.

This principle can be applied to every single choice that you make every day.

When you increase your vitality, you turn up the volume of your higher self. This makes the act of connecting to, then accommodating your higher-self much easier.

Do this one thing if nothing else. Eventually as you find time to prioritise the other practices, they will be much more effective for you.

Enjoy, for now.

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