Reaching for the Stars – Accommodating this Skill

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Reaching for the Stars – Maintaining this Skill


In the previous post in this series, we explore techniques for how you can maintain, or you could say deepen your connection with the Oneself. Now in this post we will move on to explore practices which can help you accommodate the Oneself in to your metaphysical understanding of the world and as such, fully integrate it as part of your being.

Remember, this is a journey where you will deepen your connection more over time. The more you practice, the better you get at it.

Accommodating this Skill

Accommodation is the process of accepting something into our schemata for how we understand the world – we perceive a world that includes a oneself. Once something is accommodated, it becomes part of our psycho-epistemology – this means the mental processes we use to understand the world.

This is not just about thinking, this is about experiencing. It is our lived experience that shapes our learning and informs us of what we need to accommodate.

This process takes time and there are a few things to be mindful of.

Knowing our Ego

The ego is louder than the higher self, so we must learn to understand and observe it using the tools in the introspection toolkit.

By learning to become I and observe our ego we then create the opportunity to hear and feel the voice of our own vitality – our higher self. This is about developing the skills to choose what we internally listen to.


While attempting to accommodate the metaphysical concept of the oneself and learning to feel intuitive insight directing our action, we may experience a sense of conflict which manifests itself as tension and anxiety.

This happens when our newly forming belief system contradicts and challenges our old belief system. This kind of internal conflict is very much to be expected and is a sign of good progress.

Remember, growth hursts sometimes.


The belief system of the higher self is constructed of higher order principles that whilst more abstract than our granular egoic code of conduct, have a more universal application to life.

Our old belief system has been established over a long time and will as such provide some opposition to being uprooted. This kind of change can be scary and fear inducing as we are challenging the psychological foundation that we have previously used to define ourselves. 

The higher self is the antidote to this.

As we validate our new beliefs over time though experience and practice applying them to new situations, so our conviction will grow and the process if accommodation will take hold.

Reflective Thinking

In this tool I have placed a large emphasis on learning to become present in the now and learning to engage in the experience of life. Thinking however, is still required to separate the higher self from your ego.

Often as your higher self-whispers or shows you visions and insights, your foreman will pipe up and start to pack out the idea with unnecessary detail aiming to try and spin the centre of attention back to yourself and spark fear.

The only way to spot this is through reflecting thinking and contemplation.

Even when you think you have resolved something, you may find that all you have done if strip back one layer of the mind to reveal another.

How many layers are there?

Well, how many unique human minds are there?

This element of the process is individual for everyone. What is common to us all though is that the mind is essential for us to fully engage with our higher selves, after all, we perceive things with our mind.

It is by using our cognitive ability that we will be able to integrate our higher self in to our personality.

Trust In the Process

The only constant in life is change.

Trust in this as a fact, and trust in your own individual journey of life.

It may be quick, it may be slow, it may be easy, it may be hard; if may be all of these at the same time and none at all.

Simply trust in the process and keep doing the work.

Enjoy, for now.

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