The Blue Sky Behind the Clouds

The Blue Sky Behind the Clouds

We all enjoy a bright sunny day. Where the sky is blue and feels like it goes on forever; not a cloud in sight.

When we were kids though, if you were doing a little drawing of a house, often next to the sun in the sky we would draw some clouds too. If for no other reason than to actually show that it was the sky.

Blue sky does not make for the best artistic representations. It is all still calm and balanced. The infinite depths leave very little to report on the surface.

We need the clouds to add colour, texture and movement to our images.

When we peer up at the blue sky, we are staring straight out in to the universe. Wait until night, and the depths of the cosmos will begin to reveal themselves.

Clouds are much like human emotions. We require them to give texture and richness to our lives, but they can obscure our view of the universe. Clouds are a part of the natural living process of the planet Earth. They are born, and they die.

Clouds do not stand still; they are always moving. They do not fight the natural process of the wind; the submit themselves to it.

Blue sky is like a still mind. When it is clouded with emotions, we can always be certain that the emotions will pass. Be that as a result of the natural winds in the environment around us, or the winds that we have the power to choose to make happen.

When humans are babies, a key part of our cognitive development is learning when something is obscured from view, that it still exists. This is called object permeance.

Well consider that even when the sky is full of clouds, the blue hue of the universe still exists.

Know this with calm and assured confidence. Know that your connection to the universe can never be lost. Clouds will always pass and the universe will reveal itself once more.

Enjoy, for now.

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