What Makes You, You?

What Makes You, You?

If you were to write out an identity badge for yourself, what would you put on it?

Your name? Your age? Your job title? Would it include a picture? Your relationship status? Your moral values? The brand of car you drive?

What is it about you, that makes you, you? How do you define yourself to other people? Or, more importantly, how do you define yourself to yourself?

Wood for the Trees

I put it to you that the essence of you, lies within you. Not outside of you.

That means that you are nothing more than your thoughts, feelings and actions. The energy that comprises your body, mind and as such internal world, and the energy that you project out in to the world.

You are not your car, your job, your house, your qualifications, or any of the clothes you choose to wear.

Yes, some of these things may reflect the personality that you want to project in to the world, but they are not you and any attempt to define yourself by these things would be unauthentic.

Another perspective

Let’s think about that identity badge again…

Ponder for a moment what you would want someone else to describe if they peered deep in to your eyes. What energy would that person feel, how would they describe you?

Maybe try and think about this while you peer in to your own eyes in a mirror….

Now, imagine your tombstone (a bit grim I know, but death is part of life), what would you like to be written on it? What virtues do you stand for? How do you project these in to your life?

Crystal Clear

Only when we strip away all external factors and peer deep inside ourselves, can we find out who we really are with crystal clarity. It is through honest eyes that we find our true selves, and with sincerity that we find the courage to project ourselves authentically. Living without compromise or regret.

Take some time in solitude to look inside yourself and find out who you are.

“Many people suffer from the fear of finding oneself alone, and so they don’t find themselves at all.”

-Rollo May

Enjoy, for now.

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