Who Creates Life?

Who Creates Life?

In the near future, I will be becoming a biological father for the first time…

My pregnant wife was reflecting one day and pondering her growing bump; she remarked that it is a wonderful act of nature that we have been able to create new life… a life which is growing inside of her and will be born to the world.

Me being me, this set the cogs whirring in my mind…

The first image that popped in to my mind was one of two lifeless things being mixed together and in some sort of abracadabra moment… poof… life appears!

Then I thought, hang one a minute… I remember my biology lesson about sperm and eggs… there is an egg that was produced by my wife and my little guys had to do quite a bit of swimming (involving life energy) to get to the egg and fertilise it.

Neither the egg or the sperm could be regarded as lifeless objects, they both contain some element of life energy themselves…

So, is the creation of a new human indeed the creation of new life, or is it that it is a perpetuation of life?

The Great Lake

Imagine a great lake of energy… the source of everything.

Now consider the moment that life first came in to existence… the emergence of single celled organisms. This was an event horizon for life energy… a first foothold in to the living world.

The act of being transformed from the great lake in to the capacity of the living, is an act which increases the resonance of the energy allowing it to dissipate through the universe. It is a process that honours the second law of thermodynamics – Entropy of a closed system always increases.

Much like water being syphoned from one vessel to another, once the process is started, it will self-perpetuate.

This flow of energy from one state to another could well be the force which has driven evolution and the emergence of more complex life forms. The more complex a life form, the more life energy it will contain and the higher the resonance of the life energy will be.

Increased resonance means increased dissipation (honouring the second law); so this is what the system will always move towards.

Side Benefits

Humans are yet to find a scientific explanation for what consciousness is. There is a philosophical school of thought however which considers that all matter is conscious; just to different degrees.

Within this school of thought, rocks, chairs, cars and animals all have consciousness to some degree.

The “amount” of consciousness is directly proportionate to the complexity of the molecular structure of the thing. With this line of thinking, a tree is more conscious than a rock and a sheep is more conscious than a tree.

Carrying this line of thought forward, you could surmise: Increased complexity, gives rise to increased resonance of life energy which gives rise to consciousness.

The human brain is the most complex biological system known to man… maybe that is the reason why humans experience a conscious state of being.

Considering that life energy, which creates this consciousness, comes from a single source… would you regard consciousness and an individual phenomenon or something which is shared by everything?

Something to ponder and explore in more detail another day…

Always Moving Forwards

Humans may well be the pinnacle vector (for now anyway) that enable the life energy in the universe to increase in resonance and dissipate.

The processes of evolution, death and birth, are just a mechanism of passing the torch from organism to organism. Each living thing in the present moment serving as the gate keeper from the realm of the great lake to the living.

Maybe, this is why life always finds a way… Life wants to create more life, so that it can create more life…

Either way, I am excitedly anticipating the birth of our daughter. Passing the torch of life in an act which echoes the energetic trajectory of the universe.

Enjoy, for now.

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