Enjoy Every Moment

Enjoy Every Moment

As you all will know from my previous post, I recently experienced the birth of my daughter.


As the time of birth was drawing near, I had to get everything at work ready for my impending paternity leave. These preparations involved conversations with lots of different people, many of who are already parents.

My relationships with people at work are founded on honesty and openness. I aim to support everyone so we can collectively achieve our best. It was very wholesome then that people felt free to offer me some advice and support too.

There were two main themes to the advice:

  • Enjoy your sleep while you can!
  • Enjoy every moment, as it will not last!

So basically, enjoy everything!

Sleeping, meh, I love my sleep, but I also love my awake time. As long as I prioritise the choices I can make around my time, and accept the reality of what I cannot control; I will get along just fine with this.

Enjoy every moment… that seems to make sense…

Moment to Moment

What is it, that is so special about having a new child that makes people offer one of the most essential bits of advice that can, and is best, applied to every second we are alive?

I know it is a bit of a dumb question, but I thought I would ask it any way…

It seems to me that this very special time is some how categorised differently by people. It is viewed as something to be loved and cherished… experienced and lived fully. More important than the other moments.

For me though, moments are just moments… little snapshots of experience emerging as time perpetuates. Arriving in to the now and disappearing in to the past; only to be kept alive as memories.

The advice of enjoy the moment serves as a great reminder to slow down and savour the events that are about to unfold. Live authentically in the present and actively engage in your experience.

I put it to you though that this is advice for living every day.

Infinite Finite

At this precise moment in time, right now, you are a single finite configuration of a particular set of atoms and the life energy flowing through you. An arrangement that will only ever exist in this very moment.

This fact is true of this and every present moment.

You are constantly evolving and changing so no two moments can or will ever be the same.

I am grateful for the kind reminder offered to me by my fellow humans at work. I now offer it to you as advice for living… every year, every week, every day, every hour, every minute, every second; every moment…

Every moment we are alive is life.

Enjoy, for now.

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