I and Me – The Lead Actor

I and Me – The Lead Actor

Continuing on from the earlier articles exploring the tool of I am Me, we are not going to explore how your definition of Me manifests…


When we are I, fully conscious and focussed on the present moment, we are able use our instinctual senses to gather information from our experiences and from other people. This information, when processed in the warehouse of our Ego, is what enables us to perceive and understand the world. It is also what we use to author the story of me.

We are the centre of our perception. This means that when we reflect on and review memories of past events, the story plays out though our eyes like we are watching a movie in first person; a movie where we are the lead actor.

You have a central role in every scene of the movie, your chosen set is laid out in front of you (as you choose where you spend your time, or more importantly you choose where you want to remember that you spent your time) and periodically, different members of the supporting cast appear to play their parts (as you choose who you spend your time with, or you choose who you remember you spent your time with).

Creative Director

In the movie of me, you are both the lead actor and creative director, you define the roles for all of the cast members and can fill in the subtext behind all of their lines. Being the creative director, you decide which lines make it in to the final cut of the movie so the story is told exactly as you want it to be. Or so you would think… your foreman does like to have an input too though, and they can do so without you even being aware of it.

As we talked about earlier, your foreman lives in the warehouse of your ego and knows everything that is stored there; they think they know best. Your foreman wants to keep you safe and happy, and thinks that this is more important than writing an honest and truthful story.

Now, I am not saying that the foreman will concoct a bunch of lies, but they may be inclined to bend the truth a bit and use some doublespeak to soften the blow in times when you have out right failed or not had the outcomes that you desired (doublespeak!).

This is how we write the story of me. With the help of our foreman, we soften, harden, bend and shape it to fit the foundation of the definition of me that was unconsciously imparted on to us as children.

Everyone does this… well, until they become aware of it.

Your Foreman

Your foreman does not by default, appreciate that failure is something to embrace and learn from. Your foreman will try to twist the truth to protect you from the “negative” emotions you may feel. This is why we say; we need to learn to learn from failure. We need to learn to take control from the foreman, be brutally honest with ourselves, and embrace life’s challenges with full acceptance of the opportunity they provide to be either accomplished or to learn.

You may be the lead actor in your story of me, but you are just a supporting member of the cast in other people’s movies. Everyone else has their own role for you as a cast member, and because we write our movies from our own perception, their definition of you will be different to your definition of you (me). If you could see someone else’s movie, you would not be able to recognise yourself!

That is just how it is; for now…


Maybe, in the future, if more of us start to embrace the present moment, choose to become I, and learn to feel our vitality; we will discover our higher selves and be able to build deeper, more meaningful and collaborative relationships where we harmonise our energies and work towards a universal increase in vibration for everyone.

An open and honest synergy of humans, energetically feeling each other and working towards a common vision of a more connected and elevated future.

When we connect through our higher selves, the need for our ego, and the personal definition of me that we hold on to, will be removed. We will come to know ourselves and each other honestly and truly within the present moment; the only moment that really exists.

Climbing the Mountain

The first step on the journey is for us to become conscious of me and I; to become aware of the drama that is playing out, and to take responsibility for the choices that we can all make to learn to be I, to forget me and what our foreman has to say. As more people come to do this, the scene will slowly begin to be set for a different kind of dialogue; a different future.

You see, your foreman does not just help author the story of me, it reminds you of it too. That little voice that is constantly whispering to you, reminding you of who you are, what you can and cannot do, what you are scared of, what you deserve… that is the voice of the foreman, the voice of your outdated inaccurate version of me that is bound in psychological time.

The Great Conciliation Prize

Have you ever been in a situation where you doubted yourself? A little voice was there, chattering away to you telling you that you would fail. Maybe you started to listen to that voice and took your focus off the present moment, maybe it was that lack of focus that caused you to fail…. well, at least you we right, you knew you would fail!

This is an example of the self-fulfilling prophecy that your foreman will create. Offering you a conciliation prise for failure, up front.

The moment you listen to the foreman and entertain the prediction of what “me“ will do, you move in to psychological time and become unconscious. You are no longer conscious, focussed on the present moment and able to apply yourself fully. You are no longer I.

When you are not focussed your chances of failure will increase. Welcome the self-fulfilling prophecy and the conciliation prize of “I knew I would fail… well, at least I was right about something”.

Spotting the Predator

You are not alone in this; it happens to all of us. Your foreman is much like a big cat stalking its prey; big cats rely on the element of surprise. They stalk their prey until they get nice and close, then they pounce going in for the kill.

If the prey spots them during the stalk, the game is over. The predator needs to start all over again approaching from a different angle. If the prey is so aware and vigilant that it always spots the predator, the predator will eventually give up and find some new prey.

The same skill can be applied to our foreman. Once you become aware of the difference between I and me, learning to distinguish between the I that exists in the present moment and the whisper of the foreman that casts the spell of me; you can point at it and call it out.

The simple act of being aware, pointing at the foreman and saying in your own mind “I see you”. Is enough to take away the power of the spell that is being whispered to you. You can break the spell of me and become I.

Living Authentically in the Moment

I, has the power to exercise choice, be decisive and take action in the present moment. Unconstrained by reflections of the past. When you are I; you can choose to be the person that you want to be right now. Change can happen in an instant as action only takes place in the present moment.

We only take meaningful and sincere action when we are I.

The life you want to live is here and now.

Once you become I, you will truly become the sole creative director of your movie. You will be able to sincerely write the story of you realising your energetic potential.

Enjoy, for now.

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