Picking Positive Universal Language

Picking Positive Universal Language

There is a reason that humans can share a connection with any other human that we meet, regardless of the verbal language that we speak. Our body language.

Humans have evolved highly perceptive senses for evaluating the body language of other humans. In a single glance we can evaluate if someone is friend or foe.

The body language we use is as a direct result of the internal language we use when we talk to ourselves. It is the words of our egos manifested in physical form.

This however, is a two-way street…

Who is boss?

If we feel insecure, this is reflected in our body langue. We shrink, roll our shoulders, and drop our heads.

In the introspection toolkit, I have explored lots of different methods to develop internal strength and reduce or insecurity. Here is an alternative approach…

When we feel insecure, adopt a body posture like we are confident.

When you feel insecure, and you become consciously aware of how you feel. Stop and take a few deep breaths. Now lift your head up high, square your shoulders, spread your arms, and take another couple of deep breaths.

Your body will think it is winning (this is the same thing that people do when they cross the finish line in a race). Because of this body perception, you will receive a small little boost of endorphins (feel good hormones).

This little free boost may be just enough to reduce your insecurity enough to face the situation in front of you.

You see, we can use our body language to influence our own mind and way of feeling, just as much as our mind can unconsciously influence our body language which is perceived by other people.

You can be the master of you own mind.

Have a play with this insight and see how different you can make yourself feel, just by trying out a new power posture. You can use this to give yourself a boost just before going in to a situation (like a job interview, a meeting, or a date) where you would benefit from projecting yourself positively.

Enjoy, for now

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