To Give a Shit or Not…

To Give a Shit or Not…

Everyone has their own opinion… on decisions, on behaviours, on how to live…

Each person’s opinion is unique to their own life perspective.

What works for one does not work for another… that is unless you want to adopt another person’s whole unconscious bias which goes along with their advice!

Let me put to you these three choices about your approach to living:

Thinking vs Feeling

Searching vs Discovering

Reaching vs Flowing

Note that these are sliding scales, not binary choices… and the choices that are made in each area will vary for a single individual based on the life situation they find themselves in.

These are all choices about how we approach living. Choices that then influence our perception and decision making.

Considering this, what do you think the probability is, that two humans will share the same approach choices when faced with the same life situation?

Considering this, do you think it is worth giving a shit about what other people think or not?

Maybe, just like your life choices… the right answer will vary given the life situation you are presented with.

Something to ponder…

Enjoy, for now.

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