Vitality – Literally Buzzing

Vitality – Literally Buzzing

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you feel more awake and alive than at other times? Here is a little look in to why that happens…

When the universe first came in to existence there was only energy.

Over considerable amounts of time, some of that energy transformed in to matter. Fast forward several billion years and we have the perceived physical world and universe that we are all part of.

Constructed purely of energy.

Humans have evolved to perceive the environment around us by using language as labels to define what exists. Labels that we are taught, and that we have the right to choose to redefine.

As the schools of science, spirituality and religion evolve, our understanding and as such perception of the world, is ever changing and evolving. This quote from Socrates often springs to mind:

“The more I know, the more I realize I know nothing.”

Time for some science

Try this exercise out: Take your index finger and prod your leg.

Do it now.

Your leg feels solid doesn’t it? You didn’t manage to push your finger through it did you?

Now consider this; the cells that make up your body are comprised of billions and billions of atoms (atoms being the smallest units of the chemical elements listed in periodic table). Atoms may be the smallest unit of a chemical element, but they are not the smallest unit of mater. Each atom is comprised of sub atomic particles. Chemical elements are unique because their atoms have different quantities of these subatomic particles.

The atoms within your body are not all stuck together in a solid mass, they have spaces in between them and connect together like a mesh. Similarly, the sub atomic particles within each atom are not all clumped together in a solid blob, they are spaced out like a little mini version of the solar system.

If you consider the volume of our solar system, it is comprised of 99.9% empty space, with the planets and other solid matter only occupying a very, very small proportion of the total volume.

The same is true for us, if you squished up all of the atoms in your body to get rid of all of the space in the mesh; then squished up all of the sub atomic particles within each atom so they were solid little blobs… your body would be smaller than a grain of sand!!!

There is less of you than there is of you?!?

And you can’t even push your finger though all of that space!

This is where energy comes in; there are bonds between each of the atoms (a little bit like magnets) holding them all in place in the mesh. There are also bonds holding all of the sub atomic particles in orbit (a bit like gravity in our solar system). All of these little energetic bonds are what prevent you from forcing your leg apart with your finger. Yes, these particles are small but they have numbers on their side!

Am I full of No Thing?

The question still stands as to what is in all of the space though…

Life energy.

Life energy, Being, God, the Soul, the Spirit, Prana, Qi; call it what you want, (in my opinion) it is all the same thing. The energy that both ignites and fuels the flame that burns inside all living organisms.

The river of life energy flows through space and time, and right now as you read this, it is flowing through you.

When we are born in to our physical bodies, we are all given certain attributes, you could say that just like in a game of cards we are dealt a hand. Some hands are lucky and some are not. A hand can be so unlucky that the physical body we receive is not strong enough to sustain a flow of life energy.

I understand this through experience.

When I was 14 years old my brother James was born. James had a number of defects with his digestive system that meant that his body could not absorb nutrients from food. Despite receiving love from his family, and intensive medical care, James passed on at just two months old. His physical body simply could not continue channel life energy any longer. At that moment, James never got the chance to even consider increasing his vitality.

A short life but one with purpose.

James taught me how lucky I was to have been dealt the cards I have.

Those of us which have been dealt a hand that has allowed us to exist within our physical bodies, long enough for them to grow and mature, we are the lucky ones. We have been blessed with the time to exist, and the space to increase the capacity of the life energy that flows through us.

Think about it like a tap… turn it on a little and the water will drip out. Turn it on some more and the water will flow… whack it up to the max and the tap will be shaking and vibrating as the water is shooting out everywhere… How about a fire man’s hose?… How about Niagara Falls?… How about an Ocean?… How about the entire universe?

The only limit is the one you choose to perceive.

Controlling the Flow

Our rate of flow and feeling of “aliveness”, can be referred to as our vitality. Our vitality is not static, and is primarily influenced by the quality of these 5 elements:

  • Psychological health
  • Physical health
  • The quality of our social connections
  • The resonance of the environment that surrounds us
  • The quality of our spiritual connection with our flow of life energy

The cards that we are dealt may lay the initial foundations for all of these elements, but we are not constrained by the cards that we are dealt. Provided they are good enough to allow us to mature, we can learn to take ownership of them, embrace the challenges that lie ahead, and forge our own destinies.

That is after all, the reason why we are all here!… A subject I will explore in my next Thursday post.

Over the coming months, the principles, tools and insights that I will share, are what I have used to improve the quality of all of these elements in my own life. It is my sincere hope that they will help you, just as much as they have helped me.

Enjoy, for now.

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