Who Created God?

Who Created God?

This article is a musing reflection… a ponderous working hypothesis which I periodically reflect on an consider….

Like most people that grew up in the UK during the 80s and 90s, at school each morning in assembly we would sing Christian hymns.

The primary and secondary schools I attended where not church schools, but religion did seem to pop up all over the place.

While a lot of the moral message wrapped around religion did make sense to me, even from a young age I struggled with the concept of God.

In my simple brain, God equated to some bloke who was more important than anyone else and as such, you had to listen to him regardless. Even as a child this did not sit well with me (I have never liked being told what to do).

You need to do what God says… why? Because God is important… who says so? Well, some people wrote a book about him and it says it in there…Oh, ok; I’m sorry, but I am not buying what you are selling. I will not be afraid and live fearfully because you are telling me I “should” be.

Basically, my younger position with God is not one where I rejected the potential existence of a God, it is one where I simply rejected that I should be subservient to this God figure.

This sentiment for me is one that has not gone away as I have grown. The more I have learnt about religion, spirituality and the metaphysical paradigms of our world, the more my perspective has expanded. Here is my latest thinking on God and life:

What Is God?

Quite simply an excuse.

The world we perceive is one made of physical matter. Physical matter is simply a specific configuration of energy.

Energy is the base currency of everything.

The resonance of energy dictates how energy flows throughout the universe.

Living organisms (like humans), are “alive” because the collection of matter energy which comprises our bodies, resonate at the right frequency to channel life energy.

Just like a river becoming a waterfall, life energy is channelled through our bodies and will eventually return to the source, as will the physical matter of our bodies.

The source collection of this life energy is “God”.

I put it to you, that “God” exists inside of every single human. More than that, because our life energy comes from the single source which we call “God”; you could say that we are in fact “God”. Every single one of us.

It is the sum of all of our parts that comprises to make the whole. One “God”.

Really though, there are no parts. Think of the life energy like a finger in a glass of water. When the finger enters the water, it does not become separate from the whole, it is just in a different state.

Not Me

Accepting that we are god is hard for humans. It challenges our default lowly position and leaves us with nowhere to hide. No excuse. Nothing to point at and blame.

The separation of humans and God is a mind trick. A shift in perspective which means that those which adopt it become stuck in a lowly position of subservience. Always striving and trying. Proving.

Able to be told what to do and to be controlled through fear.

If we choose instead to accept that we are God. We also accept the endless possibilities that come along with it.

God is all powerful; God can work miracles; God can do anything.

Well, so can you.

I am god, you are god, collectively together we are all God. God permeates though the entire fabric of the universe.

A universe we are intrinsically part of.

One whole.

Enjoy, for now.

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