Life: Consistently Inconsistent

Life: Consistently Inconsistent

If someone is consistent it means that they perform the same action or adopt the same psychological position repeatedly. You could say that the behaviour pattern is a constant within their lives.

The reality is though that there are no constants in this life. Every moment, the universe continues to expand and the landscape of the world we live in is constantly changing. You could say it is constantly inconsistent.

When we choose to focus on something in our lives that we cannot control or change, that thing also becomes a constant too. It is a constant because it is constantly the same until it changes of its own accord.

This is what happens when we compare ourselves to other people or start to should ourselves about material things that we do not possess. By choosing to focus on what is not, we become transfixed by the constant gap that we are unable to bridge.

These self-constructed constants will eventually form a wall around us. A series of dead ends that hurt when we hit up against them.

Choosing to adopt a fixed position where we label ourselves as a constant person (i.e., I know who I am and I will always be that way), or choosing to focus on what we cannot control all reduces down to have the same constraining effect on our lives.

We feel stuck in a rut, pent up, frustrated; unable to grow, move and evolve.


Whenever I start to feel this way, I look for the choices that I have made which mean I am refusing to accept what is.

What I am looking for are choices where I have decided to focus on something which I cannot control, or hypothetical spiralling thought patterns which zoom off in to psychological time.

Through the practice of mindful meditation, I aim to objectively observe the noise in my mind and spot these patterns.

Once I am aware of what is happening, I can then challenge the choice that I have made and breakdown the wall in my mind. I can choose to shift my perspective and focus on what I can do.

I do truly believe that I have the right to think freely and live freely. I should not be constrained and will not be constrained.  The reality is though, when I feel like I am constrained; it is in fact me that is doing it to myself; simply through the choices that I am making.

Accepting this brings a smile to my face.

I am both the cause of, and the solution to, every perceived problem that has, is, and will happen in my life. I choose to accept responsibility for consistently breaking down the constants in my life.

I choose to be free to live my life constantly inconsistently.

Always learning, challenging, changing… growing.

I am a human, just the same as you.

What choice are you going to make?

Enjoy for now

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