A Light Bulb Moment

A Light Bulb Moment

I took inspiration for this post from a little session of “life prioritisation” I had a few months ago. Periodically (I don’t have a set rhythm, I just feel when I need to do it), I spend some time reflecting and evaluating all of the different facets of my life.

Health, relationships, finances, hobbies, new experiences… I try and take stock of the whole lot.

The aim is to evaluate where I am contented, where I need to grow, and most importantly, what I want to focus on and prioritise.

I find for me; my top two priorities are always health and relationships.

You Cannot Give What You Have Not Got

If I prioritise my health, this gives me the strength and vitality that I need to then develop and grow in my other priority areas. I need to make sure my energy is flowing and I am receiving enough, so that I have enough to give.

Relationships are no different, and as such, are equally as important to our overall wellbeing as our health.

I’ll give you a little visualisation of how I see thing…

Think of your vitality as being like energy stored in a battery. You are the battery. If you want to light a bulb with a battery, the battery must be connected to a circuit which the bulb is also connected to.

The energy when just stored in the battery cannot light up your life, you must allow that energy to flow through the interfaces of the circuit and reach to bulb to receive the light.

Well, your relationships with both yourself and other humans are the interfaces which will light up the lights in your life.

My Own Bulb?

This is a topic I am going to explore heavily in the reaching for the stars tool which I will release in a few months. Right now, however, if the first time I have really opened this subject in my writings.

In the tool of I and me we explored the nature of our conscious self (I) and the ego constructed imaginary definition of me that we hold in our mind. The story does not end there though…

The more we become aware of I and me, the more time we can spend being conscious, present in the moment and living as I. The more we live as I and pay attention to our own vitality, the easier it will be to become aware of how this energy is flowing within us… through us.

Our own lightbulb is that of our higher self. A part of our being that we become consciousness aware of through our vitality.

It is the resonance of the energy flowing through us which can guide us and light the way in our life.

The first step to developing awareness of our higher self, is to improve the relationship that we have with ourselves. To spend time investing in that relationship and developing a loving trusting bond. A bond which will set us free to live authentically, to try new things and live without shame.

Once you are able to give yourself attention in this way, you will be creating circularity of energy within your own body and mind, powering the lightbulb which is your higher self and illuminating your own life.

A Network of Connections

Regardless of if you have developed awareness of your higher self or not, connections with other humans are an accessible and healthy way to promote circularity in your life.

What is circularity? The free flowing of energy.

Give and you shall receive, but do not give to receive.

Love and you will be loved, but do not use love to blackmail.

Act with compassion for others, and you will be supported by the universe.

The more we authentically connect with other humans, the broader stronger and deeper our connection to the universe is.

The more we will be supported in life, and the more our pathway up the mountain will be illuminated for us to see.

You exist only in relation to the other humans in your life.

The universe is in you, just as you are in the universe.

Enjoy, for now

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