A Warning Shot of Change

A Warning Shot of Change

Habits, habits, habits… It is our habituated patterns of thinking, behaviour and speech that shape who we are as humans.

They shape they way we feel about ourselves, the way we feel about the world, and the way that we project ourselves in to the world.

It is only by shaping our habits that we can effect real change in our lives to live authentically as the person we want to be.

The subject of habits and change is a constant theme throughout The Mountain Pathway and something I have already touched on in the do more to do less post.

In this post, I will offer a simple little challenge that you can take on if you want to start to effect change in your life.

Think of it like unwrapping a present… you first need to peel off a little corner to get it started.

Pattern Interrupt

Every day we all perform simple tasks like putting our socks and shoes on, putting our pants on (this applies to both under and over pants), and brushing our teeth.

When we perform these tasks, we run on auto pilot. We are not consciously thinking and paying attention.

Let me ask you: What hand do you hold the tooth brush with? When you put your shoes on, which shoe do you put on first?

Stop and think…

My challenge to you is to pick one of these repetitive autonomic everyday tasks and take conscious control of it. Change it.

Put your socks, shoes or pants on with the other foot or leg first. Try brushing your teeth with the other hand.


Well, it will feel strange and uncomfortable. You might find that with some tasks like putting your pants on, you even feel like you can’t balance right and might fall over.

What you are really doing here is interrupting your subconscious mind and its habitual processes. It is like saying “I am the boss here!”.

Your subconscious mind operates in a bubble of security performing its routines because it thinks it knows best. Interrupting this pattern with this challenge sends a warning shot of change.

It is like setting someone up with a few jabs before you throw the knockout punch.

If you want to significantly change your habits in any area of your life, complement those change processes by taking control in this area too. It will give you evidence that you can change and control your processes, and will also put your subconscious mind on the back foot.

Try something new. Change is fun!

Enjoy, for now.

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