Choosing to Prioritise Increasing Vitality

Choosing to Prioritise Increasing Vitality

Increasing your vitality is synonymous to increasing your flow of life energy. Growing yourself and everything around you.

This in my mind, is the very reason that we are here.

Just visualising increasing your vitality, albeit an important step, will not make it happen. Action is required too.

“Vitality fuels the strength of mind required to focus, accept the truth, be decisive and take action.

Vitality is the prerequisite of action.”

The Chicken and the Egg

The paradox of action being required to increase vitality, and vitality being required to take action, can be compared to the question of the chicken and the egg. Which came first?

Well, it was the egg.

In order to populate dry land, amphibians evolved to lay eggs that had hard shells which did not to need to stay in water. At the same time, they also evolved scales which did not need to be kept moist. These changes meant amphibians evolved to be reptiles. Fast forward a few billion years and some reptiles evolved their scales into feathers and so became birds. Birds which lay eggs. Through the process of further evolution, one day, two birds reproduced to create an egg and viola, out popped a chicken!

When it comes to vitality, vitality is the egg and action is the chicken. Don’t worry though, you must have some level of vitality in order to be reading this, otherwise your body would be dead! The thing to focus on is choosing the chicken that lays the biggest egg and thus increases your vitality the most. The challenge is that the chicken of vitality lays eggs that you cannot see with your eyes, you need to feel them.

Putting these invisible eggs to one side, let’s look at the kind of actions (“chickens”) you need to prioritise to increase your vitality. As we have already touched on in the vitality literally buzzing post, our flow of life energy and therefore vitality, is influenced by five elements:

  • Psychological health
  • Physical health
  • The quality of our social connections
  • The resonance of the environment that surrounds us
  • The quality of our spiritual connection with our flow of life energy
The Architect of Your Forest

All 5 elements are interrelated with each other and also have a positive feedback relationship with your vitality. The better the quality of each element, the more it increases your vitality and the more your vitality helps you to take action to improve the quality of that element.

This diagram gives a visual representation of the 5 elements.

The deep relationships between these five elements means that reduced growth in one area, will limit the growth in another. An example would be your psychological health being constrained by poor physical health. A lack of endorphins (feel good hormones produced after physical activity) may prevent you for developing the foundation of confidence needed to take part meaningfully in social interactions.

Cultivating fertile soil in your mind will allow you to grow each of these trees strong and tall. Building your own self-perpetuating ecosystem of vitality.

One tree, does not make a rainforest.

Over the next few posts, I will explore each of these 5 elements and together we can understand what a journey of increasing vitality looks like.

Enjoy, for now.

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