Shaping Perception: Dualism

Shaping Perception: Dualism

Dualism is a philosophical theory which centres around the mind and body being two separate entities. The mind occupying the nonphysical realm and the body exiting physically in the present moment.

I have explored my perception on human existence is a number of posts one key one is: Vitality – Literally Buzzing

For now, let’s just say that my perception of life is one where there is no separation between mind and body; for you need one to manifest the other.

So really, dualism means two separate things; but what about if these things were dualistic?

The Sweet and Sour

We have all heard the expression you cannot have the sweet without the sour.

This is the essence of a dualistic nature.

Let’s expand on that a bit more and layout some framing scientific principles:

  • The universe is a closed system with a fixed amount of energy in it
  • That energy cannot be created or destroyed,
  • The energy is in constant flow where it is changing state

With these framing principles in mind, this changes our understanding of the sweet and sour.

You cannot have the sweet without the sour.


The sweet manifests the sour and vice versa.

You see; it is not just that you cannot have the sweet without the sour, the reality is that as the sweet is manifested this creates sourness of an equal and opposite amount. This is how the universe keeps the whole system in balance.

So yes, you cannot have one without the other, but that is because one manifests the other by giving relative context to it.

If the earth did not rotate there would be no day and night, only time. Neither would exist to manifest the other.

Establish Equilibrium

Happiness, sweetness, pleasure… things that most humans desire. Well, you can only have them if you also accept sadness, sourness and pain. Such is the nature of life.

The more you pursue one, the more you invite the other.

What is the solution to this?


Quite simply accept the variety and texture of your life. There is no solution only delusion… if you choose not to accept the reality of life.

Do Away with Desire

Desire is longing for a thing which you do not have. A choice to focus on what is not, rather than what is.

Embrace what is and look for the lessons that life is trying to teach you.


The dualistic nature of our existence is something that fascinates me. What I am manifesting just by writing this post?

Give, and you will receive….

Create a void, and it will be filled…

Embrace every facet of your life, and remember:

every moment we are alive, is life.

Enjoy, for now.

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