Where to Look to Not See Nerves

Where to Look to Not See Nerves

We have all been in situations where we feel nervous. A first date, a job interview, an important meeting at work, stepping up to the first tee on a round of golf; this list is endless.

Nerves are a natural thing. The more practiced we are at doing something, the more we will trust ourselves in that situation. Or you could say, the more certainty we will have that we will achieve the desired outcome. We are no longer nervous because we are confident. This is confidence that is built up over time.

There is another simple little tactic that you can use to reduce your nerves right now though.

Think about a time when you were nervous. What was going on inside your head? What kind of inner dialogue where you having?

I bet that all of the sentences were focussed on you.

I’m not confident. I can’t do this. I am excited about what might happen. What will happen to me if this goes wrong? What will other people think about me?

When we are nervous, we are actually being selfish. Our thinking is centred around us.

This is not surprising. We are the centre of our own perception. Everything does revolve around us (in our own minds anyway!).

There is a Choice

Being conscious living organisms, we do have a choice about what we focus on though. We can shift our perception.

When you are nervous, rather than thinking about me, me, me… instead switch your focus to the other people. Choose not to think about what will happen to you, but instead to think about what value you will add for others.

When you look through others eyes at the value you bring to the world, you will no longer see nerves.

Nervous energy will instead be harnessed to drive you forwards and deliver the value that you now perceive.

Choose not to focus on you, but instead on the value that you will add.

Enjoy, for now.

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