The Mountain Pathway – Growth Pathway

The Mountain Pathway – Growth Pathway

The growth pathway is a visualisation tool I devised to help me map out and plan my own journey of evolution. It is my hope that it may help you too.

How does it work?

The growth pathway is underpinned by knowing how you want to live your life and by having the right knowledge and skills you need to get on with it.

In my life, the principles of The Mountain Pathway are the how, and the toolkits (being introduced next week) are the knowledge and skills.

As you become familiar with the principles of framework, and learn to understand and apply the toolkits (more info coming next week), you will develop an understanding from your own perspective of where you are on your journey of discovery. Once you know developmentally where you are, you can then define the right personal goals to help you to achieve your ambitions for the future.

The pathway is a broad outline of progression that describes the shape and feel of what progression towards self-actualisation may look like for you.

Living authentically as you.

Same Same but Different

We are all perfectly unique individuals existing as part of the single collective consciousness of the universe. This means that while there may be some commonality to our progression, we will all start our journey from different locations and have different trials, tribulations and challenges along the way.

For these reasons, it would not be appropriate for me to attempt to define a prescriptive and idealistic route of progression towards the goal of increasing our energetic vibration.

I feel it is much better to ponder the potential checkpoints along the way, then focus on empowerment.

Empowering you, me and every human with the tools required to effect change in our lives and the knowledge of our responsibility to use them wisely.

Some Food for Thought

As you start to learn about the tools and practice applying them to your life, you will start to see changes in your life. Changes in how you think, how you feel, how you perceive the world around you, how you choose to engage with the world around you… the possibilities of change are endless once you unlock the powers of responsibility and choice.

It is key to note that the different elements of your inner and outer world may progress at different rates; this is perfectly human; perfectly imperfect.

We need to effectively prioritise one area at a time to give them each proper and correct focus to effect change.

Ultimately, the reason for this growth pathway is to give you a sense of where you have come from, where you are now and where you want to be next. Remember:

Life is a journey, not a destination.

Or you could say…

The purpose of music is to be played, not to reach the finale.

Now time to have a read and see what you think…

The Growth Pathway

A little art work from me:

You are both the mountain, and the traveller walking the trail.


A space of complete uniformity and perfect equilibrium. No things exist in this space but at the same time it contains the foundations of everything.


The development of a fertile landscape that can support the growth of new ideas and concepts. Vitality is present and is starting to flow.


The establishment of a rich and diverse ecosystem containing positive feedback loops of vitality. These complex relationships sustain the forest and keep it in balance. The forest contains lots of different flora and fauna which are all unique but are essential to make the whole. Forests are all unique, they contain different flora and fauna which in turn require different equilibria to maintain a functioning ecosystem.

— X —


A deep connection between the solid bed rock and the forest is starting to form; this allows the land to take shape and start to rise in energetic vibration.

A hill is a progression towards the identification of individual attributes which are unique to that specific patch of forest. Hills being the process of establishing the right and proper foundations to sustain meaningful long-term growth.


The development of unique traits and attributes. A peak can see above the forest canopy and is aware that other peaks exist. It can start to see the difference between itself and other peaks, but can also see the hills and savannahs which connect them together as one.

A young peak can be a challenge for someone to summit but most people will manage it. A peak is aware that it is no longer a hill and knows that it is not yet a mountain; it is curious about what it would feel like to be a mountain.

A peak can choose to develop a gnarly surface which makes it unclimbable so people cannot reach the summit, or it can choose learn from the challenges it faces and discover how to grow to new heights and progress to be a mountain.

— X —


A mountain has a wide, solid and deep foundation which underpins the peaks, hills, forests, and savannah which surround it. A mountain is aware of the trials and tribulations that exists within the rest of the ecosystem and nurtures them with compassion.

A mountain stands tall and proud. It is so tall in fact that it can even consciously influence the climate around its summit; this can make it treacherous for ambitious climbers to attempt to summit. The mountain has to agree to let them reach the top.

A mountain can see the clouds above and occasionally gets a glimpse of the stars, sun and moon.


A mountain range is vast. So vast that it both consciously and unconsciously supports the development of everything around it by feeling the intrinsic link which exists at its core.

A mountain range has ascended to heights where it has punched through the clouds and it can communicate with the stars. It is connected to the energy of the universe and channels this energy to serve its true purpose, as only it can.

Above the clouds, there is no more weather. The summit of the mountain range is serenely calm and still. While the consciousness of the range exists at this level, it is still deeply aware of the turbulent climatic conditions that exist below. With its holistic understanding of the varied landscapes and challenges which may arise on the journey to break through the clouds, it can shape and optimise the landscape, tailoring the conditions to cultivate balanced growth everywhere.

As a range continues to elevate in vibration, the vibration of everything around it also increases. Vitality fuelling vitality.

Just as in the desert; the stars and vastness of space contain the perfect equilibrium of no things.

The range can feel its deep interconnectedness with the stars, and is in tune with the energetic cycle which gave birth to it as the desert, and will see it reunited with the universe at its end.

Our Journey on The Mountain Pathway

We might not realise it, but we are all part of a mountain range right now. In fact, we are all members of multiple mountain ranges every moment of our lives. This is happening at the same time as we cultivate the development of our own mountain range.

This is our ultimate universal energetic destiny.

When a critical mass of humanity is interconnected within a universal mesh of ranges, we will welcome in the dawn of a new age of human evolution.

Enjoy, for now.

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