Reaching for the Stars – Benefits and Practical Applications

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This is the final post in the reaching for the Stars series. Benefits and Practical applications. If you have been following these posts and have been practicing the insights I have shared, then you may have experienced your own personal benefits. In this post I will share what this practice has brought to my life.

Reaching for the Stars – Benefits and Practical Applications

Reaching for the stars is the pinnacle tool in the introspection toolkit. Once you have done the work with the other tools you will have laid, or you could say remodelled, the right internal foundations for you to discover a deeper and more fulfilling connection with yourself and the world around you.

You will be able to perceive yourself and reality authentically.

However, using the other tools to decipher the path to your higher self is not a linear journey; as you slowly begin your journey of internal inspection (introspection) you will find that you cyclically apply elements of all the different tools over time, learning your own needs and discovering how to challenge yourself to achieve maximum growth.

It all starts with choosing to prioritise increasing vitality. Once you choose to prioritise your own selfcare, then you can build the vitality needed to embark upon your journey up The Mountain Pathway of your life.

Now we will look at just some of the benefits of learning to perceive and engage with the Oneself.

Unlocking Your Potential

We are all different elements of the collective consciousness of the universe.

Just like an arm needs to be an arm and not a leg, through our higher selves we will find our true purpose and mission in life. We are all unique but one, finding our true mission in life and unlocking our potential to increase the energetic vibration of ourselves and everything around us can only be done once we discover our higher selves and live through it. The Oneself makes us whole.

In the next and final tool of the introspection toolkit we will explore how you can redefine you personal values and unlock your superpowers. You higher self already knows, now it is time for you to know too.

Endless Love

You Higher self will always have love for you.

Even when your thoughts feelings and behaviours are not in alignment with the higher order principles of the Oneself, the internal dissonance that you feel is not negative energy from the universe, it is simply a conflict between the vibrations of love that you are receiving clashing with the resonance you are creating through your actions.

Learning to think, feel and behave in resonance with the oneself will enable you to learn to have love for yourself, and once your higher-self becomes deeply integrated in to your psyche, you will no longer strive or search for love or happiness for you will embody it.

Giving to the world what you have already got for yourself.

Clarity of Thought and Purpose

This benefit is as much about doing the work with the other tools in the introspection tool kit as it is about developing your connection to the Oneself.

The early tools enable you to discover how you engage with the world and how the internal processes of your mind function. This allows you to distinguish between the voice of your ego (your foreman) and your volitional rational mind. These things give you clarity of mind.

What connecting with your higher self gives you is confidence in what then manifests to fill the void that you have created. When thoughts and feelings then flood in to your mind from your authentic self you will have a crystal-clear perception and a sense of purpose.

This is because your higher self and higher values are detached from your perceived day to day problems – this means they are consistent due to abstraction of influence from your emotions and ego.

So, when we listen to our higher self and take decisive action based on its insight, we feel a calm warm tingling throughout our entire mind and body. Remember:

While the higher self is exclusive of our mind and body, our mind and body is inclusive of it.

The more you practice this the more you will learn to trust your intuition. You will then become more spontaneous and natural as your thoughts and decisions become effortless.

You will feel and know what is right without needing to think.

Deepening Relationships

As you find the light in you, you begin to see the light in everyone else.

– Ramm Dass

Moving away from small talk and relationships designed to simply stroke your Ego, you will find that your sense of empathy and compassion for others grows. This leads to deeper more meaningful relationships with other people.

It is not that you will grow a vast circle of friends and want to spend more time with other people, it is that the quality of interactions with other humans and your ability to engage in a shared resonance will improve.

You will learn how to engage with other people’s higher selves,

and because there really only is one self,

you will vibrate with the resonance of the universe.

The Tao

Take Away

While writing this, I have called on my resonance with my higher self. I have tried to feel what is correct and makes most sense. This has not been an easy process! Hell, working a full-time job and being a father and responsible husband has put a strain on my time for my own self-care. At times, it has felt like my higher self is almost a distant memory.

Taking around 12 months to write, I have had to go back to laying the internal ground work time and time again to enable me to increase my vibration, feel my connection to the oneself. 

You see, writing for me must come from an authentic place, so this particular tool has taken more time and effort than any other I have written. But continuing on this journey has enabled me to further accommodate my higher-self in to my personality, and I hope as I share this it brings great value for you too.

While some of my words may not resonate with your ego, they will certainly resonate with your higher self as it is part of the same whole of which I am.

We speak with one voice,

for just as we are in the universe,

the universe is in us.

– Ramsey Bond

Enjoy, for now.

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